A Girl’s Incredible Journey Questions & Answers

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A Girl’s Incredible Journey Questions & Answers

Question 1: Complete the sentences:

1. Nujeen, along with other people, travelled in a dinghy.
2. Nasrine was the one who knew the outside world, and Nujeen took all her cues on how to react from her.
3. Nujeen’s elder sister, Nahda, had four children.
4. Uncle Ahmed spent the last two days in a hotel in Izmir.
5. Uncle Ahmed had learnt to drive the boat from YouTube videos.
6. Nujeen thought of herself as Poseidon, the god of the sea in Greek mythology.
7. Three boats had left the shores of Syria along with Nujeen’s.
8. Abdullah stayed in water for three hours, searching for his children.
9. Ghalib, the son of Abdullah Kurdi and Rehanna, was five years old.
10. After landing in Lesbos, Nujeen spoke English to a real English speaker for the first time.

Question 2: How many people were there in Nujeen’s boat?

Answer: There were thirty-eight people in Nujeen’s boat.

Question 3: Who were they? Describe them in brief.

Answer: They were Kurds from Syria. The people in the boat were the family of Nujeen – her sisters, uncles, aunts, cousins, nephews and nieces.

Question 4: Why was Mustafa horrified?

Answer: Mustafa had seen a boat overturn in the sea. He was horrified because he was not sure if the overturned boat carried his family.

Question 5: What had happened to the other three boats?

Answer: One board overturned quickly, one overturned near the island, and the third one was picked up by the Turkish coastguard.

Question 6: When water got in the dinghy, how did they drain it out?

Answer: Nujeen’s cousins used their shoes to drain out the water.

Question 7: What happened to Abdullah Kurdi’s family?

Answer: Abdullah’s family died during the journey to Turkey.

Question 8: How much did the ferry normally cost from western Turkey to Mitilini?

Answer: The normal ferry from western Turkey to Mitilini costs ten Euros.

Question 9: How much did the refugees have to pay?

Answer: The refugees paid 1500 dollars for the boat ride.

Question 10: Why do you think Nujeen felt like a six-year-old on the boat?

Answer: Nujeen felt like a six-year-old because this was her first time on the boat.

Question 11: Why did Nujeen compare herself to Poseidon?

Answer: Nujeen was sitting on a wheel chair in the boat and was higher than everyone else on the boat. The height made her feel like Posiedon, the God of the sea, in his chariot.

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