Clues on Canvas Questions & Answers

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Clues on Canvas Questions & Answers

Question 1: Fill in the blanks:

1. Yusuf Ali’s two sons lacked his talent.
2. His elder son was a soldier in the Nizam’s army, and his younger son was a singer who aspired to join the Nizam’s troupe of musicians.
3. Yusuf Ali was genuinely scared that the Begum Sahiba would discover their secret and they would be thrown into the dungeons.
4. For the price of the single diamond in the pendant, the Nizam could feed all of Hyderabad for the next seven generations.
5. Hamida’s work was wonderfully original.

Question 2: What was Yusuf Ali’s terrible secret? What would happen if it was found out?

Answer: Yusuf Ali’s terrible secret was that he was slowly becoming blind. If it was found out that he was unable to see properly, he would lose getting work as an artist. He could also be thrown into the dungeons of Golconda, if it was found out that most his work was being done by his daughter disguised as a boy.

Question 3: What solution did Hamida suggest for her father’s problems?

Answer: Hamida suggested that she should dress up as a boy, wear her brother’s clothes, wrap her plaits around her head, and tie a cloth around to hide them. While pretending to be a boy, she could quietly do the major part of her father’s paintings for him.

Question 4: How did Hamida prevent the portrait of the princess from getting cluttered?

Answer: Hamida prevented the portrait of the princess from getting cluttered by telling Begum Sahiba, the Princess’s mother, that they including the Princess’s pet deer and peacock in the picture would it clutter up needlessly.

Question 5: How did Hamida help Yusuf Ali in painting the portrait of the princess?

Answer: Hamida helped Yusuf Ali in painting the portrait of the princess by painting all the details of the jewellery and clothes. In a royal portrait, the jewellery and clothes are usually very complicated and form the major part of the portrait. All Yusuf Ali had to do was to draw the broad outlines and everything else was done by Hamida.

Question 6: What was Yusuf Ali’s reaction to Hamida’s original designs?

Answer: Yusuf Ali was initially stunned to see that Hamida’s work was both original and good. As her father, he was proud of her genuine talent and creative work. He also felt it was a pity that she was a girl because the society they lived in would not allow her to follow her dreams and she would eventually get married and not use her talent.

Question 7: What was Alifiya’s scheme to cheat the Princess and the Begum Sahiba? Did she succeed in it?

Answer: Alifiya hatched a scheme to cheat the Princess and the Begum Sahiba by stealing the priceless diamond necklace and substituting it with a fake one. For this purpose, she stole one of Hamida’s sketches of the diamond necklace, little realising that it was not the exact copy but one of Hamida’s creative alternate designs. By taking the wrong sketch her theft was discovered and caught by Hamida.

Question 8: What did Hamida tell the Begum Sahiba? Why?

Answer: Hamida told the Begum Sahiba that someone had taken the original diamond necklace and substituted it with a fake, and it was only Alifiya who could have done it because she had access to the both the necklace and the sketches.

Question 9: What explanation did Hamida give her father for telling their secret to the Begum Sahiba?

Answer: Hamida told her father that she was sorry for letting out their secret to the Begum Sahiba, but she had only meant to do the right thing because it was what he had taught her all her life. This was the reason why she had endangered both their lives and his job as the court painter.

So, these were Clues on Canvas Questions & Answers.

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