The Legend of Ka Panshandi Questions & Answers

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The Legend of Ka Panshandi Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

1. Which of these words describe Ka Panshandi?

(a) tactful
(b) neat
(c) messy
(d) cute

2. Who was U Lurmangkhara?

(a) a villager
(b) a prince
(c) a tortoise
(d) a star

3. U Lurmangkhara was attracted to Ka Panshandi because

(a) she was beautiful.
(b) he believed she enjoyed being in contact with the images of stars.
(c) he was aware that she was lazy and foolish, and wanted to reform her.
(d) he wanted to give all his wealth to her.

4. Ka Panshandi became a symbol of

(a) a lazy and thriftless wife.
(b) a wife who has been cheated of her rightful place.
(c) an ugly tortoise.
(d) a sad creature.

Question 2: How does the author describe Ka Panshandi?

Answer: The author describes Ka Panshandi as ill-favoured in appearance, very foolish, lazy, slovenly, and dirty in her habits.

Question 3: The author describes the pool as a little part of the sky. Explain.

Answer: The author describes the pool as a little part of the sky because when the water was clear, it reflected the images of stars and other heavenly bodies, making the pool appear like a small piece of the sky.

Question 4: How did Ka Panshandi enjoy the beauty of the pool and her surroundings?

Answer: Ka Panshandi enjoyed the beauty of the pool and her surroundings by plunging into the pool, darting backwards and forwards, and twirling round the bright silvery spots with great glee and contentment.

Question 5: Who was U Lurmangkhara? What assumption did he make about Ka Panshandi?

Answer: U Lurmangkhara was the brightest star who observed Ka Panshandi’s playful gambols in the water. He assumed that she braved the chilly waters of the pool to be near the images of the stars, and he believed she enjoyed their company.

Question 6: What did U Lurmangkhara decide to do?

Answer: U Lurmangkhara decided to go down to Earth, marry Ka Panshandi, and endow her with all his wealth.

Question 7: What advice did his friends and relatives give to him?

Answer: His friends and relatives warned him against marrying Ka Panshandi and leaving his home in the sky, but U Lurmangkhara disregarded their advice.

Question 8: What kind of a wife was Ka Panshandi?

Answer: Ka Panshandi was a lazy and indolent wife. She was slovenly, indifferent, and unmindful of her appearance and surroundings.

Question 9: When did Ka Panshandi realize the error of her ways?

Answer: Ka Panshandi realized the error of her ways after her husband, U Lurmangkhara, left her and returned to the sky.

The Legend of Ka Panshandi Questions & Answers

Question 10: What hope did Ka Panshandi entertain in her heart after her husband left her?

Answer: After her husband left, Ka Panshandi hoped to see U Lurmangkhara return to Earth, and she continued to wait with her neck outstretched towards the sky, expecting his comeback.

Question 11: What lesson may be learnt from the fate that befell Ka Panshandi?

Answer: The lesson that can be learned from Ka Panshandi’s fate is the importance of overcoming laziness, being responsible, and valuing what one has before it’s too late.

Question 12: Read the lines and answer the questions:

1. The pool near which she lived being very clear, the stars and other heavenly bodies often gazed into it to behold their own images.

(a) What figure of speech is used in the extract?

Answer: Simile

(b) What was the effect of the reflection of heavenly bodies on the water?

Answer: The reflection of heavenly bodies made the pool’s water appear as though it held countless shining stars, resembling a part of the sky.

(c) What did U Lurmangkhara observe about Ka Panshandi? What did he fail to observe?

Answer: U Lurmangkhara observed Ka Panshandi’s playful behaviour in the pool but failed to notice her lazy and foolish nature.

(d) Why did he decide to marry her?

Answer: He assumed that Ka Panshandi was attracted to the images of stars and would adore real stars if brought into contact with them.

2. When his relations and friends heard of his purpose, they were much disturbed.

(a) What was U Lurmangkhara’s purpose? Why did it disturb his friends and relatives?

Answer: U Lurmangkhara’s purpose was to marry Ka Panshandi on Earth. It disturbed his friends and relatives because they believed it was risky to leave his home in the sky and marry an unknown and lazy consort.

(b) What was the impact of sudden riches on Ka Panshandi?

Answer: The sudden riches made Ka Panshandi even more indolent and careless about her appearance and surroundings.

(c) How did U Lurmangkhara treat his wife in the beginning? What do we learn about his nature?

Answer: U Lurmangkhara treated his wife kindly and tried to teach her to mend her ways through kind words.

(d) How did Ka Panshandi react when her husband left her?

Answer: When her husband left, Ka Panshandi became filled with remorse and grief, calling out to him and promising to reform.

Question 13: This story has a tortoise and a star as main characters. What impact does this feature have on the story?

Answer: The choice of a tortoise and a star as main characters adds a touch of symbolism to the story. The tortoise represents laziness and indifference, while the star represents beauty, admiration, and ambition.

Question 14: What flaws of character did Ka Panshandi and U Lurmangkhara have?

Answer: Ka Panshandi’s flaws include laziness, foolishness, and an indolent disposition. U Lurmangkhara’s flaw lies in his unchecked infatuation and hasty decision-making, not considering the consequences of leaving his home in the sky.

Question 15: What moral lessons may be learnt from this story?

Answer: Moral lessons from the story include the importance of valuing hard work over indolence, the consequences of not heeding advice, and the need for self-improvement. It also highlights the fleeting nature of opportunities and relationships.

Question 16: How would the situation have been different if Ka Panshandi and U Lurmangkhara had listened to advice from well-wishers?

Answer: If Ka Panshandi and U Lurmangkhara had listened to the advice of well-wishers, they might have avoided the negative consequences that befell them. Ka Panshandi could have improved her ways and saved her marriage, while U Lurmangkhara could have preserved his celestial status.

So, these were The Legend of Ka Panshandi Questions & Answers.

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