The Little Big Man Summary & Questions & Answers

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The Little Big Man Summary & Questions & Answers

The Little Big Man Summary

The Little Big Man shows what it’s like for a child to wear his father’s shoes, to grow up and assume the responsibilities of an adult. Through the eyes of a child, a poetic idea, the little big man is a little child who craves for the freedom that comes along with growing up.

The Little Big Man Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Silver – coins, money
  • Slate – a blackened rock for writing with chalk
  • Silken – made of silk

Question 1: What will happen when he goes to the fair?

Answer: When the child will go to the fair, his uncle will try to carry him in his arms because he might get lost in the crowd in the fair.

Question 2: The child talks about school. What does he say?

Answer: The child says that when his teacher will ask him to get his slate and books then he will tell him that he is now as big as his father and should not have lessons anymore.

Question 3: Father will return home in October. What permission will he give the child then?

Answer: The child’s father will give him permission to buy his own clothes if he likes, as he will be a grown up then.

Question 4: Why do you think he will need to give his nurse money?

Answer: The child wants to give money to his nurse because he knows how to open the box with the keys and pay for the service.

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