The Little Boy’s May Day Song Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share The Little Boy’s May Day Song Questions & Answers.

Written by Eliza Lee Follen, this poem highlights the picturesque and pictorial aspect of nature.

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The Little Boy’s May Day Song Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Del – a small Valley among trees
  • Bleet – cry of a lamb or sheep
  • Gay – happy
  • Frisk – to move in a lively and energetic manner
  • Mount – go up
  • Hark – listen attentively
  • Go forth – go out or away
  • Yonder – over there
  • Brooks – small streams
  • Bounding mirth – move joyfully with large jumping movement
  • Rejoice – be happy

Question 1: Where are the blooming flowers seen?

Answer: The blooming flowers can be seen everywhere.

Question 2: What time of the year is described in the poem ‘The Little Boy’s May Day song’?

Answer: The time of the year described in the poem is spring season.

Question 3: What are the brooks, bees and butterflies doing?

Answer: The little brooks are dancing. The bees hum around their hive. The butterflies are coming out of their homes.

Question 4: What does a little child want to do?

Answer: In the poem, the little child wants to laugh and play.

Question 5: What did the trees look like earlier?

Answer: Earlier, the trees looked stiff and gray.

Question 6: What, according to the mother, should the child do then?

Answer: According to the mother, the child should play with birds and Brooks.

Question 7: Fill in the blanks:

(a) The young lambs bleat and move about energetically.
(b) See over there the bird spreads out its wings.
(c) I feel as happy as the stream.
(d) The blossoming flowers look fresh and smell sweet.
(e) I cannot refrain myself from speaking.

So, these were The Little Boy’s May Day Song Questions & Answers.

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