All The World Is A Rainbow Questions & Answers

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In this poem, the poet has compared the world to a rainbow where each person plays a different role like the colours of the rainbow.

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All The World Is A Rainbow Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Hue – a colour or shade
  • Harmony – the quality of forming a pleasing combination of things
  • Melody – a pleasant sounding tune  
  • Tapestry – a piece

Question 1: Write True or False:

(a) One has to be red, black, white, yellow or brown to be a part of the world seen as a rainbow – True
(b) We must not be generous towards our brothers and sisters who make up the world as a rainbow – False
(c) To be sour-natured is to be someone who is resentful and unhappy by nature – True
(d) Each one in this world is like a wave in a vast sea of life – True
(e) The world cannot be viewed as a stage – False

Question 2: According to the poet, what does the sky need?

Answer: According to the poet, ‘the sky needs all of me and all of you’.

Question 3: What does the poet mean by the words – sweet harmony?

Answer: Through the phrase, the poet questions whether the reader is a peaceable and melodic note or he gets angry very quickly.

Question 4: What is the need expressed by the poet if the world is looked upon as a melodious song?

Answer: The need expressed by the poet is that all can be in sync with each other and unite in that understanding. According to the poet, life is a melodious song and not a discordant note.

Question 5: Which play is the poet referring to which needs all of me and all of you?

Answer: The play referred here is the play of life where everyone’s role is important and unique.

So, these were All The World Is A Rainbow Questions & Answers.

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