Digging For Treasure Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Digging For Treasure Questions & Answers.

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Digging For Treasure Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Parchment – paper or material containing a document
  • Gave way – collapsed
  • Sniggered – to laugh at something or someone
  • Streaked – tears formed stripes on the face
  • Armed – equipped or prepared for
  • concealment – place of hiding
  • protracted – longer than the expected or usual
  • Half a crown – a former British coin equivalent to 2 shillings and 6 pence
  • Hoard – hidden supply or fund
  • Five pence – a British coin equaling five one-hundredths of a pound sterling

Question 1: Write True or False:

(a) Alice asked Albert to help them in digging for treasure – True
(b) Oswald offered to lend his spade to Dora – False
(c) Like others Albert went into the tunnel and started digging with his hands – False
(d) Dicky was sent to bring Albert’s uncle – True
(e) Each of the diggers had five pence for themselves – False

Question 2: Fill in the blanks:

(a) The treasure diggers took the spade from cellar.
(b) Albert from the next door, wanted to know what they were up to.
(c) They came across a parchment which revealed the place where it was hidden.
(d) ‘We will have to dig a tunnel’ said Oswald.
(e) Suddenly the ground gave way and the children tumbled together in a heap.

Question 3: Where was the treasure supposed to be hidden?

Answer: The treasure was supposed to be hidden in the garden.

Question 4: What did the treasure diggers find when they first began to dig?

Answer: The treasure diggers found worms and stones when they first began to dig.

Question 5: What were they supposed to find if they dug deep enough?

Answer: If they dug deep enough, they would find a great pot of red clay, full of precious jewels.

Question 6: What happened when Albert began to dig with his feet?

Answer: When Albert began to dig with his feet, all of a sudden, the ground gave way and all tumbled in a heap.

Question 7: Who came to rescue Albert?

Answer: Albert’s uncle came to rescue Albert.

Question 8: What was the rescuer’s observation about their chances of success? Why?

Answer: The rescuer felt that the chances of success are slim because he had done a careful study on the whole subject.

Question 9:  Read and answer the questions:

He pointed at something shining in the hole he had just dragged Albert out of.

(a) Who is referred to as ‘he’ in the quoted extract?

Answer: Albert’s uncle is referred to as ‘he’ in the quoted extract.

(b) How did Albert look like when he was dragged out of the hole?

Answer: When Albert was dragged out, he looked dusty and covered with mould.

(c) What shining object was picked up and by whom?

Answer: Oswald picked it up and it was half a crown.

(d) On finding the object, how did the treasure diggers react?

Answer: They looked at each other with surprise and delight.

So, these were Digging For Treasure Questions & Answers.

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