Why The Snail Is So Slow Questions & Answers

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Why The Snail Is So Slow Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Slithered – to move smoothly over a surface with a twisting motion
  • Conceit – a lot of self-pride
  • Prowess – being an expert in a particular activity
  • Snug – comfortable and warm
  • Scornful – feeling of hate towards someone or something
  • Borrowed – to get into a hole or a tunnel by digging
  • Chortle – to laugh loudly
  • Crevice – a narrow opening in a wall
  • Predicament – a difficult situation
  • Cumbersome – difficult to carry due to its size

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

(a) When Mother Earth was young, the movement of the snail was

i. second only to gliding snakes.
ii. second only to hawk-eyed owls.
iii. second to none.
iv. second only to leaping frogs.

(b) The fat toad was hospitable. This means that it

i. courteously welcomed the snail.
ii. efficiently ran a hospital for animals.
iii. was delighted with his chosen abode.
iv. was looking for a room-mate.

(c) The large tree was not home to

i. a large squirrel.
ii. a pair of pigeons.
iii. a little black mouse.
iv. a crab.

(d) Having crept into the shell, the snail fell asleep because

i. the shell was very comfortable.
ii. he was tired from all his exertions.
iii. he loved sleeping.
iv. he was content after having a good meal.

(e) The snail cried hot tears of regret because

i. due to his conceit he became the slowest creature.
ii. he was jealous of the homes of other creatures.
iii. he was extremely hungry.
iv. he truly liked being conceited.

Question 2: Write True or False:

(a) Long long ago when the Earth had just come into being, animals looked very different from the way they are now – True
(b) The fat toad was proud of his house – False
(c) The snail wanted to share his home with other creatures – False
(d) The snail was grateful to the crab for helping him in finding a home – False
(e) The snail was compelled to crawl at a slow pace due to the cumbersome shell – True

Question 3: How has the snail been described when it lived in the early years of Mother Earth?

Answer: He was a long, slim creature with a very light and soft brown body, and a tiny little curly tail. He slithered along the ground at lightning speed, stretching and arching his back high. He was one of the fastest creatures in the animal kingdom!

Question 4: Which victories changed in the snail’s attitude and made it a vain creature?

Answer: He liked to challenge other small creatures of his neighbourhood to run a race, and how proud he was when he came out the victor! These victories soon changed the snail’s attitude, and his pride in his speed and prowess changed to conceit.

Why The Snail Is So Slow Questions & Answers

Question 5: What was the behavior of the snail when it was house-hunting time for all creatures?

Answer: He was rude and extremely scornful of his neighbour, especially when it was house-hunting time.

Question 6: Why did the snail consider the brown Cone-shaped shell to be a perfect home for him?

Answer: It looked very attractive, and as the snail poked his head into it carefully, he found that there was no one in it! With a little chortle of delight, the snail decided then and there, that this was the perfect home for him!

Question 7: What trait cause the snail to become the slowest creature?

Answer: The snail which had been the fastest creature, had become, due to his own selfishness, the slowest.

Question 8: Read and answer the questions:

‘Many others are living there too’, he murmured, ‘and I don’t want that – I want to place all to myself.’

(a) Which place had many others living?

Answer: A large tree had many others living.

(b) Why was the place bustling with activity?

Answer: That place was bustling with activity because many other creatures like squirrel, pigeons, mouse, earthworms and spider were busy in building their home on the large tree.

(c) Why did the others consider that place a lovely place to live?

Answer: It was a lovely place to live because it was quiet, peaceful and shady.

(d) What did the snail feel it deserved and why?

Answer: The snail felt that it deserved the place better and it should not be shared by anyone.

(e) Having found a perfect home for himself, what did the snail discover to his horror when he tried to get out of his shell?

Answer: When the snail woke up a little later, he felt quite refreshed, and decided to go for a run-in search of food. He tried to get out of his shell, thinking that he could slide out easily, but to his dismay, he found that he was wedged so tightly into it that he could not move freely.

So, these were Why The Snail Is So Slow Questions & Answers.

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