At Sea With Uncle Ken Questions & Answers

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At Sea With Uncle Ken Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Peculiar – strange, different from what is normal
  • Voyage – sea journey
  • Accompany – to go with someone
  • Posh – luxurious
  • Surge – sudden rise and fall of waves
  • Dispirited – having lost hope
  • Harbour – port
  • Prospect – hope
  • Modest – limited in amount
  • Confined – limited within a certain area

Question 1: Who was Uncle Ken? Why has the narrator referred to him as a ‘catalyst for confusion’?

Answer: Uncle Ken was narrator’s maternal uncle. The narrator refers him as a ‘catalyst for confusion’ because even in the most normal circumstances, something unusual would happen to him and to those around him.

Question 2: Why did Uncle Ken accompany the narrator on his journey to England?

Answer: Uncle Ken accompanied the narrator on his journey to England because the narrator’s mother felt that a boy of sixteen years was too young to make the voyage on his own. He might get lost or lose his money or fall over land or catch some dreadful disease if he travelled alone.

Question 3: Why could Uncle Ken not reach England?

Answer: At Port Said Uncle Ken went ashore with his friends to look at sights and do some shopping. The ship was due to sail again that evening and the passengers had to return back on time before its departure. Uncle Ken was left behind at Port Said as he could not get back on time.

Question 4: How did Uncle Ken manage his expenses after he had missed the boat?

Answer: To manage his expenses, Uncle Ken took a job working as a waiter in a Greek restaurant and then as a tourist guide in Egypt. But he was forced to leave Egypt as he had no paper or permit and was sent to Aden. He stayed in Aden for six months teaching English to son of a sheikh and then, he returned back to India after the sheikh’s son went back to England.

Question 5: What did the narrator feel good about being back in Dehra?

Answer: The prospect of limitless bicycle rides with Uncle Ken made the narrator feel good about being back in Dehra.

Question 6: Write True or False:

(a) Uncle Ken was the narrator’s paternal uncle – False
(b) The narrator was sixteen years old when he left for England – True
(c) Uncle Ken misplaced his slippers during his journey to Bombay – False
(d) Granny had paid for Uncle Ken’s tickets – True
(e) The voyage lasted eighteen months – False
(f) Uncle Ken missed the boat at Port Said – True
(g) The narrator came back to India after four years – True
(h) Uncle Ken managed to start a poultry farm – False
(i) The narrator liked omelettes – True

So, these were At Sea With Uncle Ken Questions & Answers.

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