The Man of The Island Questions & Answers

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The Man of The Island Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Adventure – An unusual, exciting or dangerous experience
  • Pirates – people on a ship who attack other ships at sea in order to steal from them
  • Anchor – To hold a ship at a fixed point
  • Lurking – Hiding to attack
  • Dislodged – Moved from a place
  • Retrace – To go back along exactly the same path that one use to come along
  • Rattling – Making many short loud sounds when shaking or hitting against something hard
  • Flashed – Came suddenly
  • Flitted – Moved quickly form one place to the other
  • Stooping – Bending down
  • Resolutely – Firmly
  • Briskly – Quickly
  • Hesitated – was slow to speak or act because of felling uncertain or nervous
  • Concealed – Hidden
  • Clasped – Held something tightly using both the hands
  • Hoarse – Rough
  • Awkward – Something that makes one feel uncomfortable
  • Startling – Frightening
  • Marooned – To leave somebody in a place that they cannot escape from, (line in an island)
  • Ship wrecked – Having been sailing in a ship that was then lost or destroyed at sea
  • Buccaneer – (in the past) A sailor who attacked ships at sea and stole from them
  • Pious – Having or showing a deep respect for God, religion or moral values
  • Apparently – Understanding easily
  • Catechism – A set of questions and answers that are used for teaching people about
  • Crazy – Mad
  • Solitude – The state of being alone
  • Grasp – To hold

Question 1: Who is Jim?

Answer: Jim is a Small cabin boy in a ship that has sailed towards an island in search of treasure hidden by the pirates.

Question 2: What did Jim do when the ship landed at the shore?

Answer: Jim went off the ship and ran away from the party.

Question 3: Why did Jim think that there was someone atop the hill, among the trees?

Answer: Jim saw a figure run from one tree to another. Some stones came on rolling down the slide of the hill.

Question 4: What was Jim frightened when he first saw the man of the island?

Answer: Jim was frightened to see the man of the island at first because he was jumping behind the trunk of a pine tree and trying to hide himself.

The Man of The Island Questions & Answers

Question 5: When and why did he retrace his steps?

Answer: When Jim saw the strange creature in the forest, he was very scared and thus, he decided to retrace his steps towards the ship.

Question 6: How did the man behave when Jim advanced towards him?

Answer: When Jim moved towards him, he came forward after a long hesitation and threw himself on his knees, joining his hands together.

Question 7: Who was that creature?

Answer: The creature was Ben Gunn. He was a ship wrecked person who had been isolated for three years.

Question 8: Describe the man whom Jim came across on the island.
State the physical appearance of Ben Gunn?

Answer: He was a white man whose skin was burnt by the sun. His lips were black and the eyes seemed to be very scaring on a dark face. He was wearing tattered clothes made up of the canvas of the ships.

Question 9: How did the man on the island come to be there?

Answer: Three years ago, the man, Ben and his friends saw an island. Ben told them about the treasure on the island. They looked for it for 12 days but they didn’t find it. His friends left him alone on the island with a gun and axe to find Flint’s treasure and sailed away.

The Man of The Island Questions & Answers

Question 10: What food item did Ben ask for and why?

Answer: Ben asked Jim for some cheese. For three years, Ben had lived on wild goats, berries, shellfish, etc. He wanted to eat some proper food. He dreamt of cheese so, he demanded cheese to eat.

Question 11: What did Ben say about his family?

Answer: Ben said that he had a pious mother. He said that even he was very civil, pious and a good reader of English.

Question 12: Justify the title of the story.

Answer: The title of the story “The man of the island” is appropriate because the major part of the story is based upon the man “Ben Gunn” who was staying on the island for the last three years.

Question 13: State two similarities between Jim and Ben Gunn.

Answer: Jim was a cabin boy who worked with the pirates. Ben was also a buccaneer (seaman). Jim was also leading a fearful and pathetic life like Ben Gunn.

Question 14: Read and answer the questions:
“I had heard the word, and I knew it stood for a horrible kind of punishment.”

(a) Who said the above statement and to whom?

Answer: Jim said the above statement to Ben Gunn.

(b) What kind of punishment is mentioned in the extract?

Answer: It was a punishment given by the Seamen to any of the person breaking the law. The offender was left isolated on an island to live with a small amount of food.

(c) How has Ben managed to survive on the island?

Answer: Ben used to eat berries, oysters and flesh of goats in the jungle for his survival.

(d) How did Jim feel when Ben said that he was rich?

Answer: Jim felt that Ben had gone mad because he not only said that he was rich but also assured him that he would make him rich, too.

(e) State your feelings about Ben Gunn when he whispered that he was rich.

Answer: I also feel like Jim that loneliness might have disturbed the mental condition of Ben Gunn when he said that he was rich.

Question 15: Fill in the blanks:

(a) Bengun was marooned on the island for three years.
(b) Flint buried the treasure and killed the six fellows.
(c) The man on the island asked Jim for some cheese.
(d) The canon had stopped but guns were being fired.
(e) High above some trees, the English flag was flying.

So, these were The Man of The Island Questions & Answers.

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