The Merchant’s Purse Questions & Answers

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The Merchant’s Purse Questions & Answers

Question 1: Fill in the blanks:

(a) The merchant lost his purse at the market place.
(b) The poor old woman found a purse. It had a hundred gold coins.
(c) The merchant said he would give a reward to anyone who found his purse.
(d) The old woman decided to go to the Queen’s palace and ask for her help.

Question 2: Read these lines and answer the questions that follow:

‘Here is your purse’, she said. ‘Will you give me my reward?’ ‘Reward?’ said the merchant, greedily counting his gold coins.

(a) Why did the old woman give the purse to the merchant?

Answer: The old woman gave the purse to the merchant because she was honest.

(b) What did the old woman want from merchant?

Answer: The old woman wanted her reward from the merchant.

(c) What kind of man was the merchant?

Answer: The merchant was a dishonest and greedy man.

Question 3: How did the merchant try to cheat the old woman?

Answer: The merchant tried to cheat the old woman by blaming her to be the thief of his gold coins. He also said that she had already taken her reward.

Question 4: What happened to the merchant at the end of the story?

Answer: At the end of the story, the merchant was punished for being dishonest.

Question 5: The Queen listened to both – the merchant and the old woman. What does this tell you about the Queen?

Answer: This tells us that the Queen was honest, just and wise.

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