The Model Millionaire Questions & Answers

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The Model Millionaire Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Coarse – rough
  • Wrinkled face – lines or folds on the face
  • Alms – money that is given to a poor person
  • Model – a person who is employed to be painted, drawn, photographed, etc. by an artist
  • Shilling – a British coin in use until 1971
  • Sovereign – an old British gold coin worth one pound
  • Canvas – material used for painting on
  • Falling to bits – turning into small pieces
  • Baron – a person from a family of high social rank

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

(a) Hughie had tried every profession___________.

i. but ultimately gave up all of them
ii. and was successful in all of them
iii. but was always asked to leave

(b) Hughie gave the model a sovereign because___________.

i. he could afford to do so
ii. he felt sorry for him
iii. the model asked him for money

(c) Hughie was completely shocked to hear Trevor say that___________.

i. the beggar was waiting for Hughie at his residence
ii. the beggar was furious about what Hughie had done
iii. the beggar was a rich and important person

(d) Hughie was___________when he heard that Trevor had told the beggar all about his private affairs.

i. furious
ii. amused
iii. annoyed

Question 2: Write True or False:

(a) Hughie thought that the beggar looked miserable – True
(b) The old suit that the beggar wore belonged to Trevor – True
(c) Hughie couldn’t marry Laura because her father wasn’t fond of him – False
(d) Alan Trevor was not a successful painter – False

Question 3: Which sentence do you think describes Hughie Erskine best? Why do you think so?

Answer: The sentence that best describes Hughie Erskine is –
‘He never said a clever or even an unpleasant thing in his life’.
This shows that he was an ordinary man who was lovable but not very intelligent.

Question 4: What kind of man was Hughie Erskine?

Answer: Hughie Erskine was a lovable young man. He was wonderfully good-looking with a handsome face, curly hair and grey eyes. He was very popular with everybody and had every skill except that of making money.

Question 5: Why would Colonel Merton ‘not hear of any marriage’ between his daughter and Hughie? Why do you think he said, ‘Come to me……when you have got ten thousand pounds of your own……’?

Answer: Colonel Merton would not hear of any marriage between his daughter and Hughie because Hughie’s father had died, leaving him penniless. Apart from it, he was a jobless man.

The Model Millionaire Questions & Answers

Question 6: Why couldn’t Hughie marry Laura?

Answer: Hughie couldn’t marry Laura because he was a poor fellow.

Question 7: Did Hughie feel sorry for the old man in Trevor’s studio? How can you tell?

Answer: Yes, Hughie felt sorry for the old man in Trevor’s studio because he remarked how miserable he looked.

Question 8: ‘The old man was surprised….Why do you think the old man smiled? Was it because he was grateful?

Answer: The old man smiled because he was not actually a beggar, but a millionaire. He realized that Hughie had a golden heart.
Yes, he was grateful as he gave Hughie the amount, he needed to marry Laura.

Question 9: Why was the beggar anxious to know about Hughie?

Answer: The beggar was anxious to know about Hughie because Hughie gave him a sovereign kindly.

Question 10: Why did Hughie think the beggar deserved a share of Trevor’s earnings?

Answer: Hughie thought that models work quite as hard as painters do. That’s why he wanted a share of Trevor’s earning for the beggar.

Question 11: Trevor told the old model everything about Hughie. Did Hughie approve of what Trevor had done? Why?

Answer: When Hughie heard that the old man was interested him, he was shocked as he felt that the beggar wanted more money from him.

Question 12: Alan says, “He’ll invest your sovereign for you Hughie,” How do you think the Baron could have invested the sovereign for Hughie?

Answer: The beggar man was none other than Baron Hausberg one of the richest men in Europe. He repaid Hughie’s kind gesture by presenting him a cheque for ten thousand pounds.

Question 13: ‘A wedding present to Hughie Erskine and Laura Merton, from an old beggar.’ Why do you think the Baron did not write ‘from Baron Hausberg?

Answer: Baron Hausberg gifted Hughie and Laura a cheque of ten thousand pounds. On the envelope, he mentioned a gift from an old beggar. I think he was a grateful man with a golden heart and was one of the rarest model millionaires.

Question 14: Read and answer the questions:
“Nonsense, nonsense! Why, look at the trouble of laying on the paint alone, and standing all day long at one’s ease!”

(a) Who said this and to whom?

Answer: Alan Trevor said this to Hughie.

(b) Why did the speaker say so?

Answer: The speaker said this because he thought that his work was quite hard.

Question 15: Read and answer the questions:
“I never thought that you would go around giving away money so recklessly.”

(a) Who said this and to whom?

Answer: Alan Trevor said this to Hughie.

(b) Whom had this person given money to? Had he done the right thing?

Answer: This person gave money to the beggar. Yes, he did right as he felt sorry for him.

So, these were The Model Millionaire Questions & Answers.

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