The Monkey King Questions & Answers

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The Monkey King Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

(a) Trees were laden with golden fruits in the _______ season.

(i) summer
(ii) winter
(iii) rainy
(iv) spring

(b) _________ was the king of Banaras.

(i) Aryabhatta
(ii) Brahmdatta
(iii) Shivdatta
(iv) Somdatta

(c) The monkey king wanted to make a _______ bridge.

(i) iron
(ii) steel
(iii) bamboo
(iv) wood

(d) At last, the golden fruit reach ________ with the flowing water.

(i) Kashi
(ii) Banaras
(iii) Haridwar
(iv) Gaya

Question 2: Write True or False for the following sentences:

(a) One day a fruit fell into the river – True
(b) The king ate the fruit alone – False
(c) The monkey king uprooted a mango tree – False
(d) The first monkey jumped with a great force – False
(e) The monkey king was loved by all – True
(f) King Brahmdatta did not harm any monkey – True

Question 3: What did the monkey king warn other monkeys?

Answer: The monkey king warned other monkeys not to allow any fruit fall in the river as it would attract people to the forest.

Question 4: Who tasted the golden fruit?

Answer: The king, the queen and ministers tasted the golden fruit.

Question 5: Why did the monkey king uproot a bamboo?

Answer: The monkey king uprooted a bamboo tree to make a bamboo bridge between two trees.

Question 6: How did King Brahmdatta pay his honour to the monkey king?

Answer: King Brahmdatta paid his honour to the monkey king by giving a funeral honour of a king.

So, these were the Questions & Answers.

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