The Plaint of the Camel Questions & Answers

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The Plaint of the Camel Questions & Answers

  • Poodles – a kind of dog with thick, curling hair
  • Crackers – a kind of biscuit made without sugar
  • Roost – sit and rest at night
  • Repose – lie down and rest
  • Slumber – remain inactive
  • Enclosed – surrounded by a wall for shelter
  • Sleek – smooth and shining
  • Creek – a small body of water
  • Comes handy – is useful
  • Bestraddle – sit on something with one leg on either side
  • Weasels – small animals that hunt other small animals

Question 1: Why does the camel talk about canaries and parrots?

Answer: The camel talks about canaries and parrots as he compares and complains about the food he eats and they get to eat.

Question 2: How is a camel handy when it’s resting place?

Answer: The camel says that he comes handy because people riding the camel do not have to think about giving shelter to him to rest. It can easily sleep on the sand of the desert, unlike some people who have to build homes for their pets such as hens, lambs, dogs and cats.

Question 3: What examples does the camel give to complain that he never gets a nice place to sleep when compared to other animals?

Answer: The camel talks about all the good and the safe places where puppies, lambs, hens, kittens and pigs stay and complains that only camels do not have a nice place to take rest.

The Plaint of the Camel Questions & Answers

Question 4: What does the camel have to say about the kind of load he carries on his back?

Answer: The camel says that people never even think of riding on other animals be it an ox, or a rabbit. But the whole family rides on his back and heavy loads are put on him easily to carry. Still, they don’t take care of a camel properly.

Question 5: What is the camel’s final complaint?

Answer: The camel’s final complaint is about the way he looks. He complains that he has no shape at all; he is all lumpy and bumpy and even has a lump in his back. He feels sad especially when he compares his own shape with the shapes of other animals.

Question 6: Read the following lines and answer the questions:

The Plaint of the Camel Questions & Answers

(a) Why does the camel talk about a rabbit and a fox?

Answer: The camel talks about rabbit and fox to complain that no one rides on them whereas a camel has to ride heavy loads such as entire families.

(b) Why do you think people don’t ride on rabbits and foxes?

Answer: Both rabbits and foxes are small animals and human beings cannot ride on them. Moreover, foxes are wild animals and difficult to tame for people to ride on.

(c) What is the camel’s complain in the lines above?

Answer: The camel’s complaint is that he is not treated with respect. While people don’t ride on most of the animals, they not only make the camel carry their loads but they also ride on them. No one thinks about how the camel would feel.

So, these were The Plaint of the Camel Questions & Answers.

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