Foreign Lands Questions & Answers

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Foreign Lands Questions & Answers

Question 1: Fill in the blanks:

(a) The speaker climbed up a cherry tree.
(b) He saw the garden in his neighbour’s house.
(c) The speaker saw a winding river.
(d) He described the river as the sky’s blue looking glass.
(e) The speaker wants to climb a higher tree.

Question 2: What did the speaker do when he was up in the tree?

Answer: The speaker looked abroad on foreign lands when he was up in the tree.

Question 3: Explain why the speaker has not seen such ‘pleasant places’ before?

Answer: The speaker had not seen such ‘pleasant places’ before because he had never climbed a tall tree.

Question 4: What would the speaker see if he climbed up a higher tree?

Answer: The speaker could see the place where the river meets the sea and the road that leads to a fairyland when he climbed up a higher tree.

Foreign Lands Questions & Answers

Question 5: Pick out the words in the poem that tells us that the speaker is a child.

Answer: The words ‘little’, ‘children’ and ‘playthings’ tells us that the speaker is a child.

Question 6: List all the ‘pleasant places’ that the speaker saw from the tree.

Answer: The speaker saw the garden with flowers, the dimpling river, the blue sky looking-glass, the dusty roads and the people trampling into town.

Question 7: Read the lines and answer the questions:

Foreign Lands Questions & Answers

If the speaker climbed up a higher tree, do you think he would really see the things he talks about? Give a reason for your answer.

Answer: I think if the speaker climbs a taller tree he would not see the places he talks about in the poem. He imagines that a taller tree would allow him to see a fairyland, which is just a child’s imagination.

So, these were Foreign Lands Questions & Answers.

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