The Poem of Adventure Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share The Poem of Adventure Questions & Answers.

This poem is written by George Krokos. In my previous post, I have shared the questions and answers of Adventures of Don Quixote so, you can check that post as well.

The Poem of Adventure Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Chivalry – the medieval knightly system with its religious, moral and social code
  • Exploits – adventure
  • Lance – a long weapon with a wooden shaft and a pointed steel head, formerly used by a horseman in charging.
  • Adroit – clever or skillful
  • Abated – unpleasant
  • Impressions – feelings

Question 1: Why do we need adventure in life?

Answer: We need adventure in life to see the world in a special way and to be confident, decisive and self-aware.

Question 2: Why does the NCC conduct adventure activities?

Answer: NCC conducts adventure activities to tone leadership skills, shed the fear and become strong and bold.

Question 3: Deep inside the mountain the adventures hide themselves.

(a) Where do adventures hide?

Answer: Adventures hide deep inside the mountain.

Question 4: They are of all forms and shapes They all have an excellent ending

(a) What do have an excellent ending?

Answer: Adventures have an excellent ending.

Question 5: When to fight for a righteous cause one did gain considerable applause.

(a) When will one get an applause?

Answer: If one fights for a righteous cause, one will get an applause.

Question 6: And in fighting for their country, faith and king noble impressions on people’s minds would ring.

(a) What does ‘noble impression’ mean?

Answer: ‘Noble impression’ means good opinion or virtuous feelings.

(b) Who can leave a noble impression?

Answer: Knights fighting for their country, faith and the king can leave a noble impression on people’s minds.

The Poem of Adventure Questions & Answers

Question 7: There are many legends based on their heroic exploits a legacy of tales which have been told with much adroit

(a) What does ‘heroic exploits’ mean?

Answer: ‘Heroic exploits’ means ‘daring adventures.’

(b) What are legends?

Answer: Legends are traditional stories.

Question 8: What is adventure?

Answer: An Adventure is an unusual, exciting and daring deed. Travelling, skydiving, river rafting, scuba diving are some adventure games.

Question 9: Describe the appearance of a knight.

Answer: A knight is bold and daring. He rides on a horse with a sword or spear in armours seeking romance.

Question 10: What are the characteristics of an adventure?

Answer: Adventures hide deep inside the mountains. They have an excellent- ending. They are all forms and shapes.

Question 11: Why does the poet ask us to imagine that we have tiny wings on our back?

Answer: The poet asks us to imagine that we have tiny wings on our back, so that we can bounce a bit with joy, when we take a new step towards our adventurous life. He also wants us to imagine that we are clear in mind and feel the wind passing. through us, instead of going against us. You just have to close your eyes and ask them to embrace you. Thus, they would be attracted to be our patterns of habit.

Question 12: Why should we fight for righteous cause?

Answer: Long ago during the age of chivalry, knights used to fight for a righteous cause. They gained a considerable applause for their chivalrous acts. Likewise, we should also fight for a noble cause, so that we could get a good applause from the people of our country. If you fight for your country, people will have good impression about you in their minds. They will hold you in high esteem.

So, these were The Poem of Adventure Questions & Answers.

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