The Puppet Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share The Puppet Questions & Answers.

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The Puppet Questions & Answers

Question 1: Why did the king call on his ministers?

Answer: The king called on his ministers to make his son the future king of the state.

Question 2: What did the king do when Rajguru came to the palace?

Answer: When Rajguru came to the palace, the king stood up from his throne and touched the feet of Rajguru. Rajguru was provided a seat higher than the king.

Question 3: What did the king request Rajguru?

Answer: The king requested Rajguru to stay with them for some days.

Question 4: Why did Rajguru not stay in the palace?

Answer: Rajguru did not stay in the palace because he was going to the Himalayas.

Question 5: Who is the best type of person?

Answer: A person who knows when not to listen, when to remain silent and when to speak is the best type of person.

Question 6: Write True or False for the following sentences:

(a) Himanshu was king Rajendra’s son – True
(b) One day a saint came to the palace – False
(c) People were sad to know that the prince will be crowned – False
(d) There was a hole in the ear of each puppet – True
(e) The string came out from the nose of the first puppet – False
(f) Rajguru blessed the prince – True
(g) Himanshu was not popular among people – False

Question 7: Who said to whom?

1. “The Prince is going to be crowned after a week.”

Answer: King said this to Rajguru.

2. “l am going to the Himalayas”.

Answer: Rajguru said this to the king.

3. “I am not a child.”

Answer: Prince said this to Rajguru.

4. “Please bless the prince.”

Answer: The king said this to the Rajguru.

5. “He has no capacity to retain anything.”

Answer: Rajguru said this to Prince.

6. “Who is the best type of person?”

Answer: Prince said this to Rajguru.

7. “l have brought a unique gift for the prince.”

Answer: Rajguru said this to Prince.

So, these were The Puppet Questions & Answers.

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