The Clever Jackal Questions & Answers

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The Clever Jackal Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Ferocious – violent, inhuman
  • Reluctantly – unwillingly
  • Proposed – suggested
  • Deliberately – knowingly
  • Half-heartedly – unwillingly
  • Apologized – said sorry
  • Usual – normal
  • Pounced – jumped, attacked
  • Furious – angry
  • Drowned – died by suffocating in water
  • Struggled – fought, made an effort

Question 1: Fill in the blanks:

(a) The animals of the forest reluctantly agreed to send one animal every day to the lion as his meal.
(b) The jackal deliberately walked slowly towards the lion’s den.
(c) The jackal very respectfully apologised for being late.
(d) The lion was very angry. In his anger, he pounced into the well to kill the other lion.
(e) The jackal’s intelligence saved the other animals of the forest.

Question 2: What kind of a king was the lion?

Answer: The lion was a cruel and ferocious king.

Question 3: What did the animals of the forest decide to do?

Answer: The animals of the forest decided that each day one animal should go to the lion as his meal.

Question 4: What did the jackal do when it was his turn?

Answer: The jackal deliberately walked very slowly and reached late to the lion’s den.

Question 5: What excuse did the jackal give for being late?

Answer: The jackal told that he met another lion on the way who said that he was also the king of jungle.

Question 6: What was the lion’s reaction to the jackal’s story?

Answer: The lion got furious on hearing the jackal’s story. He ordered the jackal to take him to the place where the other lion was.

Question 7: How did the jackal save the lives of the animals of the forest?

Answer: The jackal took the lion to a well where he saw his reflection in water and thought that it was the other lion. He was so angry that without thinking, he pounced at his own reflection and fell into the well. He struggled for some time but finally drowned. That is how the clever jackal’s intelligence had saved all the other animals of the forest.

Question 8: Write the qualities of the following animals as they have been described in the story:


(a) Lion – Cruel
(b) Owl – Wise
(c) Jackal – Intelligent

So, these were The Clever Jackal Questions & Answers.

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