Mayur The Peacock Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Mayur The Peacock Questions & Answers.

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Mayur The Peacock Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Admiring – appreciating
  • Maintaining – continuing to look after something
  • Plumage – feathers of a bird
  • Strutted – to walk in a proud way with one’s back straight and head up
  • Reasoned – gave suitable reasons about something
  • Exclaim – to shout in excitement or happiness
  • Gazed – stared, looked fixedly
  • Handsome – good-looking
  • Preening – cleaning the feathers with the beak
  • Flattened – became flat
  • Water polo – a game played in water with a ball
  • Slid – slipped
  • Accidentally – by chance
  • Whiz – to move quickly through the air with a whistling or buzzing sound
  • Astonishment – surprise

Question 1: Rearrange the following sentences in the correct order of the events as they happened in the story:


…4…Mayur refused to play any games with the other birds.
…2…He was very proud of his beautiful plumage.
…6…One morning, Mayur rushed to the river to admire himself.
…3…He kept on admiring his looks throughout the day.
…10…He played with the other birds and had a lot of fun.
…7…He slipped on a banana peel and fell into the water.
…1…Mayur, a peacock, lived in Pakshi Vihar.
…8…The other birds were surprised to see Mayur enjoying in the water instead of being angry.
…5…The other birds were tired of asking Mayur to join in their games.
…9…Mayur realised his foolishness and decided to enjoy the simple pleasures of life.

Question 2: How did Mayur spend all his time?

Answer: Mayur spent all his time in admiring his beautiful plumage.

Question 3: What had Mayur made? What did he use it for?

Answer: Mayur had made a comb with a few sticks and he used it to maintain his plumage.

Question 4: How did the other birds feel about Mayur?

Answer: All the other birds felt tired of Mayur’s behaviour. They were tired of asking him to join them in their birdie games.

Question 5: What did Hansa ask Mayur to do?

Answer: Hansa, the handsome heron asked Mayur to shut his tail and play water polo with them.

Question 6: Was Mayur a good goalkeeper? Why/Why not?

Answer: No, Mayur was not a good goalkeeper. He left the goal wide open every time and rushed to the pond to see how badly his feathers had been damaged. He was not doing his job properly.

Question 7: What happened when Mayur slipped on the banana skin?

Answer: Mayur slipped on the banana peel and fell down. He slid right down the bank into the pond with a big splash.

Question 8: Find words from the story that have similar meanings as the following:


(a) Pretty and attractive – beautiful
(b) Watched – noticed
(c) Unwillingly – reluctantly
(d) Amazement – astonishment

So, these were Mayur The Peacock Questions & Answers.

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