Why Do Bees Buzz Questions & Answers

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Why Do Bees Buzz Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Buzz – sound made by the bees
  • Hum – a low continuous sound
  • Code word – secret word
  • Beat – to move
  • Sprout – start to grow
  • Quivering – shaking
  • Pollinators – animals or things that help in pollination
  • Godfathers – people who help in developing something
  • Lively – energetic

Question 1: Write True or False:

(a) Bees make a buzzing sound when they carry pollen – True
(b) Pollen helps plants to make seeds – True
(c) Pollen sticks to the wings of the bees when they suck pollen from flowers – False
(d) Bees breathe through the segmented body – True
(e) Bees are harmful to us – False
(f) The smaller the wings, the slower the bees have to beat them in order to fly – False

Question 2: Which bees make a loud buzzing sound?

Answer: Bumble bees make a loud buzzing sound as they fly.

Question 3: How is the buzzing sound made?

Answer: Buzzing sound is made when the bees beat their wings up and down.

Question 4: What is the reason for a louder buzz?

Answer: The louder buzz is made when the bees beat their wings faster to fly. The quicker the beat, the faster the sound.

Question 5: Why are bees compared to postmen?

Answer: The bees compared to postmen because they carry pollen from one flower to the other as postmen carry letters from one place to another.

Question 6: How do bees help in pollination?

Answer: When bees sit on a flower to suck honey, the pollen grain stick to their feet and bodies. When the bees buzz near a flower, the quivering shakes the pollen off on other flowers. This way, the bees help in pollination.

Question 7: Why does the author call bees as ‘the buzzing godfathers’?

Answer: The author calls bees as ‘the buzzing godfathers’ because they help many new plants to grow as the father helps a child to grow.

Question 8: List the reason given by the author for the buzzing sound made by bees?

Answer: Bees make a buzzing sound when they:

  • Fly
  • Carry pollen
  • Breathe

Question 9: Find words from the story which are opposite in meanings to the following:


(a) Quiet – loud
(b) Slower – faster/quicker
(c) Large – tiny
(d) Smooth/even – bumpy

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