The Second Voyage Questions & Answers

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The Second Voyage Questions & Answers

Question 1: Who was Sindbad?

Answer: Sindbad was a sailor.

Question 2: Why was Sindbad bored of living in Baghdad?

Answer: Sindbad was bored of living in Baghdad because he wanted to see the rest of the world.

Question 3: Read the lines and answer the questions:

“Looking up, I saw the shadow of a huge bird flying towards me.”

(a) What was the name the bird?

Answer: It was the Roc.

(b) What was the huge dome that Sindbad had seen just before the bird appeared?

Answer: The huge dome was the Roc’s egg.

(c) How does Sindbad describe it?

Answer: Sindbad describes it as a huge bird. It was mysterious and wonderful. The bird’s leg was as big as a tree.

Question 4: What happened when Sindbad and his companions reached the island?

Answer: When they reached the island, his companions went off to gather fruits and flowers but Sindbad ate and slept in the shade. When he woke up he found his ship had sailed away and his companions were gone.

Question 5: Describe the roc and its egg.

Answer: The roc was a huge and wonderful bird whose leg was as big as a tree. Its egg was as big as a dome.

The Second Voyage Questions & Answers

Question 6: Read the lines and answer the questions:

“I am a friend, not a foe!”

(a) Who said these words and to whom?

Answer: Sindbad said these words to one of the merchants who was living there to collect jewels from the valley of diamond.

(b) What was he carrying for the listeners?

Answer: Sindbad was carrying diamonds for the merchants.

(c) How did they react to the speaker’s story?

Answer: All the listeners, i.e. merchants were marveled at Sindbad’s story. They praised his bravery in risking the dangers of the flight. So, they took just one jewel from him.

Question 7: What happened when Sindbad fell asleep under a tree?

Answer: Sindbad set sail with some of his merchant friends. One day they came to an island that seemed to be covered with fruit trees. While his friends went to gather fruits and flowers, Sindbad went to sleep under a tree. When he woke up the ship had gone. His companions had left him.

Question 8: How did Sindbad leave the island?

Answer: When Sindbad was left with no option to escape the island, he tied himself with the turban to the large leg of Roc. When Roc flew away from the island, it carried Sindbad with it.

Question 9: How did Sindbad land in the valley?

Answer: Sindbad tied himself to the leg of Roc with his turban. He flew with the bird and landed in the valley.

Question 10: Where did he spend the night in the valley?

Answer: Sindbad found himself in a strange valley surrounded by high mountains on all sides. He found a narrow cave to spend the night in and rolled a large heavy stone in front of the entrance to keep out the serpents that he had seen.

The Second Voyage Questions & Answers

Question 11: What did Sindbad do as soon as daylight dawned?

Answer: As soon as daylight dawned, Sindbad came out of his cave and ate some food and slept.

Question 12: How did he get out of the valley?

Answer: The idea came to Sindbad that he could use the eagles to escape from the valley. He collected some of the biggest diamonds he could find which he put in his wallet and tied to his waist. Then he tied one of the pieces of meat to his back with his turban. Then he laid on the ground and waited. As he had hoped, a large eagle flew down, lifted him up and carried him to the top of the rocky walls of the valley.

Question 13: How did the merchants help Sindbad get back home?

Answer: The merchants took him to their camp and next day, Sindbad went with them on the long journey back to their home.

So, these were The Second Voyage Questions & Answers.

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