The Special Prize Questions & Answers

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The Special Prize Questions & Answers

Question 1: Read the words in italics in these sentences. Who are being referred to by the speakers? Choose the correct option.

(a) “Who asked you to ride an ox during school hours?”

i. Mahesh
ii. Tapan
iii. the Headmaster
iv. the old woman

(b) “That is why I and the other boys threw stones at his shop.”

i. the Headmaster
ii. Mohan
iii. the shopkeeper
iv. Ratan

(c) “I’ll walk you home.”

i. Tapan
ii. Naren
iii. the old woman
iv. Mahesh

Question 2: Choose the correct option:

(a) Tapan was given the special prize because he was very………….

i. good in sports
ii. good in academics
iii. naughty
iv. helpful and kind

(b) On seeing Tapan, the Headmaster’s temper boiled over because……

i. Tapan missed the classes
ii. there was another complaint lodged against Tapan
iii. Tapan failed in his exams
iv. Tapan misbehaved with his teacher.

The Special Prize Questions & Answers

Question 3: Read the line and answer what happened after each of these situations?

(a) “Send for him,” the Headmaster shouted for the chowkidar.
Answer: The Headmaster ordered Mohan to get Tapan.

(b) “………….., he chased me out of his shop.”
Answer: The boys threw stones at his shop.

(c) “How heartless they are!” The old woman began painting for breath.”
Answer: The Headmaster scolded Naren and Mahesh and sent them away.

Question 4: What made Tapan the ring leader of the village boys?

Answer: All friends of Tapan liked him a lot and he was quite able to take up the cudgels on their behalf. This task made Tapan the ring leader of the village boys.

Question 5: Describe how Tapan tried to tame the ox. What damage did the ox do in the school?

Answer: Tapan brought some rope and slowly approached the ox. Waiting for the right moment, he jumped on to its back and put the rope in its mouth as if bridling a horse. The ox was taken by surprise but the moment it realized that someone was riding it, it started stamping and bucking. Tapan held the rope firmly and managed to balance himself on the ox. The ox crashed into the school compound and then into the room of class VII. The students and children were frightened and scattered in different directions. The dazed ox broke several glass-panes with its horns. Finally, it ran away into the field far away from the school. In this way, Japan tried to tame ox.

Question 6: What damages did the ox incident do in the school?

Answer: When the ox crushed into the school compound, the students were hurt and the school building suffered damage as many window panes were broken. Tapan was caned by the headmaster and had to pay a fine of twenty-five rupees.

The Special Prize Questions & Answers

Question 7: What had Tapan done the previous evening at Haren’s shop? Why did he do that?

Answer: Tapan and a number of other boys had thrown stones at Haren’s shop the previous evening and Tapan had been the ringleader. Tapan had done so because the shopkeeper changed higher prices and gave less. The paper bags he gave goods in, were padded and added to the weight of the objects being purchased.

Question 8: How did Tapan help the old woman?

Answer: The old woman had a fever and She could hardly walk. On seeing the plight of the old woman, Tapan carried her begging basket and supported her by holding her hand.

Question 9: What did the headmaster see on his way back home and after two weeks of that incident?

Answer: The headmaster saw the school’s bad boy Tapan holding an old beggar’s hand, carrying her begging basket on his hand. Walking alongside, jeering at him were two boys of his class Naren, the one who came first and Mahesh.

Two weeks later, the headmaster was returning home from his walk. On the road, he saw the same ox that Tapan had tried to tame lying with a broken leg. Kneeling beside it was Tapan rubbing medicine on its injured leg and bandaging it.

Question 10: Whose duty was it to punish the dishonest shop-keeper? Was it right or wrong of Tapan to punish him?

Answer: It was the duty of the government or the village panchayat to punish the dishonest shopkeeper. It was wrong on Tapan ‘s part to punish him because he should not have taken law in his own hands.

The Special Prize Questions & Answers

Question 11: Why did Naren and Mahesh make fun of Tapan?

Answer: Naren and Mahesh made fun of Tapan because he was carrying the basket of an old beggar woman on his head.

Question 12: Do you think Tapan deserved the best character prize? Discuss and write.

Answer: Yes, we think Tapan deserved the best character prize. The virtues possessed by him always highlighted him as a true human being who was always ready to take up the tasks for the sake of humanity.

Question 13: Do you think what Tapan did with the ox was actually an act of bravery?

Answer: Tapan tried to tame the ox with a lot of courage and this act was considered as an act of bravery. As ox was menacing the locality, so, to tame such kind of animal, bravery is needed. The same was done by Tapan.

Question 14: Read the line and answer the questions:

“It is in agony.”

(a) Who said this?
Answer: Tapan said these words.

(b) Who is being referred to as ‘it’?
Answer: ‘it’ refers to the ox.

(c) Why was ‘it’ in agony?
Answer: The ox was hurt by some wicked boys and its leg was broken.

(d) What did the speaker do to lessen the agony of ‘it’?
Answer: Tapan crushed a few medicinal leaves and dressed the injured leg of ox with the pulp.

Question 15: What was Tapan’s reaction on getting the prize? Did he expect to get the prize?

Answer: Tapan was surprised when he got the prize. No, he did not expect to get the prize.

So, these were The Special Prize Questions & Answers.

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