The Story of Amber Beads Questions & Answers

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The Story of Amber Beads Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

(a) Nature has often been referred to ‘Mother Nature’ because

i. she is old.
ii. she cares for us.
iii. she is omnipresent.
iv. all the above.

(b) Nature’s work is ‘patient and never-ending’ because

i. it has to nurture countless forms of life.
ii. it cannot afford to show its fury often.
iii. it has become inactive and weak.
iv. birth rate is much higher than death rate.

(c) Old Kenneth, now, cowers all day because

i. he misses his wife.
ii. times have changed.
iii. nature is not as beautiful.
iv. he is now old and feeble.

Question 2: What is that one treasure Jeanie possesses? How did she come to own it?

Answer: The one treasure that Jeanie possessed was a string of Amber beads. Her grandfather had carved the beads himself when he was young and gifted the necklace to bride, Jeanie’s grandmother. She had left the necklace to Jeanie when she died.

Question 3: What was special about the beads of the necklace?

Answer: The special thing about the beads of the necklace was that each bead had inside it a tiny fossilized insect or piece of ancient moss.

Question 4: How did old Kenneth manage to fashion the necklace?

Answer: Old Kenneth had fashioned the necklace out of a lump of amber that he found on the beach. He had worked carefully to see the prettiest insects and pieces of moss inside the beads.

Question 5: What brought amber to the shore?

Answer: The amber in Jeanie’s beads had been formed a long time ago when nature was young, in the forest of Northern Scotland. The mountains of Scotland had been submerged under the sea and made the amber hard like stone. It was one of those storms that brought Amber to the seashore, where it was found by Jeanie’s grandfather.

Question 6: The story is set in Scotland. State a reason to prove it.

Answer: We know that the story is set in Scotland because we are told that Jeanie is a little Scottish girl who lives in the Highlands.

Question 7: Jeanie was a young girl with limited means. Do you think she was happy? Why/ Why not?

Answer: I think Jeanie must be happy even though she has limited means. The story gives us a glimpse of a simple life.

Question 8: If we could only walk on the bottom of the sea, what treasure we might find?

Answer: There is no limit to the kind of treasures we may find under the sea. There are ancient shipwrecks to be found from different times in history. The civilizations may be buried under the ocean.

So, these were The Story of Amber Beads Questions & Answers.

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