The Story of Ikat Questions & Answers

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The Story of Ikat Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Mandatory – compulsory
  • Wonder – wish to know
  • Drab – dull
  • Pelt – throw; shoot
  • Giggle – laugh in a silly way
  • Babble – a talk difficult to understand
  • Pensive – serious
  • Hesitantly – unwillingly/uncertainly
  • Expectantly – hopeful of something
  • Intersect – crossing each other at a point
  • Headgear – a piece of cloth worn on head
  • Jubilant – showing great happy
  • Resolve – solve
  • Knot – fastening
  • Vibrant – active
  • Compelling – extremely interesting

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

(a) What did the children do in the small break?

i. They heard the bell ring.
ii. They pelted questions.
iii. They moved around and started chatting.         

(b) Why did the children start wondering?

i. Because the mandatory five minutes was over.
ii. The teacher did not come.
iii. Because Ramya teacher did not come. 

(c) Why did the children ask Ramya about Janaki teacher?

i. Because Ramya loved Janaki teacher.
ii. Because Janaki teacher loved Ramya.
iii. Because The children loved Janaki teacher. 

(d) “A few of them dashed to help her.”- Why?

i. She was fair to everyone.
ii. She liked them. 
iii. They noticed the teacher carrying bundles. 

(e) What caught the attention of the class?

i. The brilliant red and black checked rumals.
ii. Shawls with black and blue geometric patterns.
iii. Both i. & ii.  

(f) The meaning of Ikat is…

i. Indonesian term.
ii. To bind or knot
iii. The textiles of India. 

(g) What was the clue the teacher gave?

i. A place close to the state capital.
ii. The state capital.
iii. Name of the place. 

(h) What was everyone connected to?

i. Pochampally
ii. Nalgonda
iii. The state capital

(i) Why was the class jubilant?

i. Because Ramya answered promptly.
ii. Because they understood the original meaning of Ikat.
iii. Because small dots are not characteristic of Ikat.

Question 2: What is the main theme of the story?

Answer: The main theme of the story is to make the children understand the richness and importance of our cultural heritage. This story presents the meaning of Ikat, present condition of textiles in Andhra Pradesh, the great skill of weavers behind weaving Ikat, the holiness of tying the knot and our traditions. It gives us a message to promote handicrafts and protect artists.             

Question 3: How is chitiki rumal used by different people?

Answer: ‘Chitiki Rumal’ is used by different people in different ways. Fishermen and other labourers used it as a headgear. It is also used as a towel by the Gujarat traders on their shoulders.

Question 4: The teacher became silent when she was discussing handloom. Why?

Answer: When the teacher was discussing handloom, she felt that in the race with the machines, we have forgotten our heritage. Due to industrial production of clothes, handloom artists have lost their importance. These ideas made the teacher feel nostalgic and she became silent and pensive.

Question 5: Children’s attention was divided between her words and the fabrics as she opened silk patola sari. Why?

Answer: In the beginning, when the teacher was describing the fabrics, the children were enthused by the way she described. They paid complete attention to her words. Then, she opened a silk patola sari from Patan, Gujarat having a red design on a black background with rows of flowers in the border. The simple leaf design created a mesmorising effect and their attention was divided between her words and the fabrics.

Question 6: The writer described some designs, historical things and the weaving. Which part of the story do you like most?

Answer: The process of weaving appealed to me the most as it is a complex process. Counting the threads, measuring the distance, calculating when to repeat a pattern and tying the knot is not that simple and easy to do.

So, these were The Story of Ikat Questions & Answers.

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