The Story of Panna Dai Questions & Answers

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The Story of Panna Dai Questions & Answers

Question 1: Who was Rana Sanga? How did he die?

Answer: Rana was Rajput ruler, who ruled over Mewar. In 1528, in the Battle of Khanwa, Rana Sanga fought against the Mughal emperor Babur, and he died shortly after being wounded.

Question 2: Why did Vikramaditya Singh’s rule not last long?

Answer: Vikramaditya was a temperamental and arrogant ruler. Many nobles and chieftains in the court of Mewar did not like his way of ruling. They placed Vikramaditya under palace arrest making Udai Singh the heir-elect to the throne.

Question 3: Who was Panna Dai? What was her contribution in the royal household?

Answer: Panna Dai was a loyal and trusted wet nurse to Udai. In the royal household, she was hired to take care of Rani Karnavati’s younger son Udai. She treated him just like her son Chandan.

Question 4: Banvir always considered himself to be the rightful heir to the throne. What did he do to fulfill his ambition?

Answer: In order to fulfill his ambition, he killed Vikramaditya in his palace and with the same bloodied sword, hurried towards the palace quarters of Panna Dai, with the intention of getting rid of the last obstacle, Udai.

Question 5: How did Panna Dai manage to save the only heir to the throne of Mewar?

Answer: Both Udai and her son were sleeping. She lifted Udai and put him in a big basket, covered it with fruits and quickly called in a male servant and ordered him to take the basket to a safe location by the river bank and wait there until she joined him. After the servant was gone, she quickly shifted her son, Chandan, to Udai’s bed and covered him with a blanket. When Banbir came to kill the prince, he killed her son and thus, Panna sacrificed her son to save the prince.

The Story of Panna Dai Questions & Answers

Question 6: How was Udai Singh’s identity revealed?

Answer: Once a group of chiefs and noblemen went to Kumbhalgarh to interview Udai Singh and Panna Dai. His mannerism and personality made the chieftain believe that the young man wasn’t the governor’s nephew. It was then clearly established that he was indeed Udai Singh.

Question 7: How did Udai Singh become the ruler of Mewar?

Answer: Udai Singh was proclaimed to be the king by the nobles and the chiefs and his coronation was held at Kumbhalgarh. In 1540, Udai Singh marched on Chittor to reclaim his throne of Mewar. Banvir was defeated and Udai Singh was declared the Maharana (ruler) of Mewar.

Question 8: Read and answer the questions:
Soon after, Banvir rushed into the room, overcome with rage carrying a sword covered with blood.

(a) Who was Banvir?

Answer: Banvir was a distant cousin of Maharana Sangram Singh.

(b) Why was Banvir’s sword covered with blood?

Answer: Banvir’s sword was covered with blood because he killed Rana Vikramaditya with it.

(c) With what intention did Banvir rush into the room?

Answer: His intention was to kill Udai Singh.

Question 9: Read and answer the questions:

The Story of Panna Dai Questions & Answers

(a) What was the servant doing at the designated spot?

Answer: He was waiting for Panna Dai.

(b) Why could Udai Singh’s identity not be revealed?

Answer: His identity couldn’t be revealed because his safety was supreme.

(c) Who was the governor of Kumbhalgarh?

Answer: The governor of Kumbhalgarh was Asha Shah.

Question 10: Write True or False:

(a) Udaipur was the first capital of Mewar – False
(b) Vikramaditya Singh was the elder brother of Udai Singh – True
(c) Maharana Sangram Singh was also known as Rana Sanga – True
(d) Rana Ratan Singh was Rana Sanga’s eldest son – False
(e) Panna Dai took Udai Singh to Kumbhalgarh – True
(f) Vikramaditya Singh was a well-loved ruler of Mewar – False
(g) Udai Singh was the fifty-third ruler of the Mewar Dynasty – True

So, these were The Story of Panna Dai Questions & Answers.

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