The Swan Queen Questions & Answers

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The Swan Queen Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Orphan – a child whose parents are dead
  • Fetch – go for and bring back
  • Heed – pay attention to
  • Beyond – Farther than a place
  • Fondle – touch gently and lovingly

Question 1: Fill in the blanks:

(a) Every morning, they went out to a nearby forest to collect dry wood and leaves.
(b) But they wondered as to who their kind helper was.
(c) Then, she turned into a maid and went to the well to fetch water.
(d) But the queen refused to heed to any of them.
(e) She left son and flew away with him.

Question 2: What did the swan do for the old couple?

Answer: She lit the fire, cooked the dinner, cleaned and washed everything for the old couple.

Question 3: What did the old man do one day?

Answer: One day, the old man stayed back at home alone. He took away maid’s wings and burnt them.

The Swan Queen Questions & Answers

Question 4: Why did the maid cry out badly?

Answer: The maid cried out badly because she could not find her wings. Now, she would not be able to meet her parents and her love.

Question 5: Who married the maid?

Answer: The king married the maid.

Question 6: What the king do when the queen did not come back?

Answer: When the queen did not come back, the king married Lauma, the witch.

Question 7: What plan did the old man tell the king?

Answer: The old man told the king to put some tar on the window through which the swan flies out. This way her wings will be glued to it then, the king should seize her with his hand and tear its wings off with his right hand. The swan will then get back to her human form.

Question 8: Match the columns:

Column AColumn B
a. Witchi. keep at one side
b. Seizeii. a grand meal
c. Put asideiii. an evil woman having magical powers
d. Gluediv. take by force
e. Feastv. fixed
Answer: a-iii, b-iv, c-i, d-v, e-ii

So, these were The Swan Queen Questions & Answers.

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