Kalopaling Questions & Answers

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Kalopaling Questions & Answers

Question 1: Do you think the Kalopaling is a real creature that lives in the North Pole?

Answer: No, the Kalopaling is not a real creature because it is an imaginary creature from a Inuit folk tale.

Question 2: Did the boy do the right thing by not going back to his granddaughter?

Answer: Yes, because her action of giving away her grandson to the Kalopaling shows that she did not love him.

Question 3: Give at least one instance from the story to show that the Inuit people in the story are very helpful towards each other.

Answer: The Inuit people were very helpful towards each other because they not only gave the old woman food but also went out their way to rescue her grandson.

Question 4: Would you call the Kalopaling a cruel or a kind creature? Give a reason for your answer.

Answer: Although the Kalopaling is a frightening monster yet is a kind-hearted creature. As it is evident from how well he takes care of the little boy to the extent that the boy does not want to return to his grandfather.

Kalopaling Questions & Answers

Question 5: Read the following lines and answer the questions:

Kalopaling Questions & Answers

 (a) Who is Kalopaling?

Answer: Kalopaling is a strange creature that is believed to live in the northern seas. He has the body of a man with very large feet and he cannot speak.

(b) Why was the grandmother unable to give food to the boy?

Answer: The grandmother was very poor and she had no one to hunt for her.

(c) What happened when the grandmother uttered the words mentioned in the extract?

Answer: When the grandmother uttered the words, the Kalopaling appeared in their hut and grabbed the grandson and put him into his hood. He disappeared as suddenly as he had come.

Question 6: Read the following lines and answer the questions:

Kalopaling Questions & Answers

(a) Who is ‘they’?

Answer: They were a couple from the old lady’s tribe. They had offered to look for her grandson.

(b) What did the boy tell them?

Answer: The boy told them that his grandmother did not love him and she had given him away to Kalopaling.

(c) What did they decide to do with the boy?

Answer: Since they had no children, they decided to keep him with them and raise him like their own son.

Kalopaling Questions & Answers

Question 7: Read the following lines and answer the questions:

Question 7

(a) Who was the boy with?

Answer: The boy was with Kalopaling, who had taken him away from his grandmother.

(b) Who offered to help to get the boy back?

Answer: One of the hunters of their tribe and his wife offered to try and look for the grandson.

(c) How was the boy spending time away from the old woman?

Answer: The boy would sit near a crack in the ice playing with seaweed, watching the fish swim below. He was tied to a string of seaweed by Kalopaling in case someone may carry him away.

Question 8: Complete the following statements:

(a) When a kayak upsets and the boatman falls into the ocean, the Kalopaling grabs him and puts him into his enormous hood.
(b) The old woman and her grandson lived on the meat and blubber supplied by one of their tribe.
(c) No one could help the old woman get back her grandson because he had been carried away by the Kalopaling.
(d) When the hunter and his wife came, the boy called out to Kalopaling because he did not want to go back to his grandmother.

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