The Tree Spirit Questions & Answers

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The Tree Spirit Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Column – here, tall strong pillar which can support pillar which can support or decorate a building
  • Gigantic – huge
  • Spirit – an imaginary creature such as fairy
  • Foresters – people who work in forests and take care of the trees and animals
  • Thrive – grow healthy and strong
  • Sprung up around me – grown around me

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

(a) The foresters decided to cut the sal tree because________.

i. the king had ordered them to do so
ii. an evil spirit lived in it.
iii. the spirit had too much power

(b) The villagers worshipped the sal tree because________.

i. it was large and beautiful
ii. a tree spirit dwelt in it
iii. the tree had healing properties.

(c) The ________were the tree spirit’s ‘little ones’.

i. king and his courtiers
ii. villagers
iii. young sal trees

(d) The king decided that the column for his new palace should be made of stone, not wood, because he________.

i. wished to save the tree spirit
ii. kept changing his mind
iii. thought stone was more lasting

Question 2: Why did the king want a big and strong tree?

Answer: The king wanted a big and strong tree because he wanted a beautiful palace which would be supported by a single wooden column in the centre.

Question 3: What was special about the sal tree?

Answer: The sal tree was the home of a wise and ancient spirit. Many birds had their nests on its branches and people also worshipped it.

Question 4: Why did the tree spirit appear in the king’s dream?

Answer: The tree spirit appeared in the king’s dream to beg him to change his mind about cutting down the sal tree.

Question 5: What was the effect of the dream on the king?

Answer: The king changed his mind and decided to make the column of stone instead of wood.

Question 6: Choose the correct option:

(a) “Tell them to cut down the biggest and strongest tree they can find and bring it to me.” These lines were spoken by the________.

i. king
ii. minister
iii. villagers

(b) “I have come to beg you to change your mind.” These lines were spoken by the________.

i. sal tree
ii. tree spirit
iii. villagers

(c) “This is a strange request.’ The king thought the tree spirit’s request was strange because he_______

i. could not believe that anyone would want to suffer pain three times.
ii. was afraid of the spirit
iii. had never heard about spirits living in a tree.

(d) “…a very noble spirit lives in the sal tree.” The king said this because he________.

i. was moved by the tree spirit’s willingness to sacrifice
ii. had visited the tree
iii. believed that all spirits are noble

So, these were The Tree Spirit Questions & Answers.

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