The Trick That Did Not Work Questions & Answers

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The Trick That Did Not Work Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Bellow – a loud sound made by animal
  • Fiery eyes – angry eyes
  • Conceited – proud
  • Craftily – cleverly
  • Revived – her, woke up after fainting
  • Exhaustion – tiredness
  • Grateful – thankful

Question 1: How did jackals keep the king happy?

Answer: The jackals kept the king happy by telling him only what he liked to hear and agreeing with everything he said. They always sang his praises and told him that he was the bravest and strongest king on earth.

Question 2: Why did jackals become arrogant?

Answer: The jackals became arrogant because the king looked after them, fed them and took them wherever he went. The king believed they were faithful and loyal and that he was lucky to have such wise ministers. They did not have to fight or hunt like other animals and soon became fat eating what he killed, and they did not allow other animals to become friendly with the king.

Question 3: Why did Jung decide to leave the jungle?

Answer: The king was frightened by an animal’s bellow that was so loud. It echoed throughout the forest. When he heard the sound a second time, he decided to leave the jungle and go away.

Question 4: Read and answer the questions:
At first Jung would not tell them anything.

(a) Who is Jung and who are ‘them’?

Answer: Jung, the lion is the king of the jungle. Jackals, the ministers are referred as ‘them’.

(b) What was it that Jung would not tell them? Why?

Answer: Jung, being the king of the jungle was ashamed to tell them that he was afraid of a sound of the animal.

(c) When Jung finally told them what was bothering him, how did they react?

Answer: The jackals were disappointed when Jung told them what was bothering him. So, they begged and pleaded him to stay in jungle.

Question 5: Why did jackals want Jung to remain in the forest?

Answer: The jackals wanted Jung to remain in the forest because once he left, they would have to find their own food and live in fear of the other wild animals.

The Trick That Did Not Work Questions & Answers

Question 6: Read and answer the questions:
Chalu and Golu were very disappointed to hear this.

(a) What were Chalu and Golu disappointed to hear?

Answer: Chalu and Golu were disappointed to hear that Jung wants to leave the jungle.

(b) What was the reason for their disappointment?

Answer: They were disappointed because if Jung leaves the jungle, they have to find food on their own and have to live in fear of other wild animals.

(c) What did Chalu say he would do?

Answer: Chalu said that he would go and find out more about the animal.

Question 7: What did the jackals tell the lion about the bull?

Answer: The jackals told the lion that the bull was no ordinary bull. He was a messenger from the gods who had been granted permission by the gods themselves to roam wherever he pleased.

Question 8: What trick did the jackals try to play on the lion and the bull? Why?

Answer: The jackals tried to make the lion afraid of the bull and the bull afraid of the lion. To do so, they told the lion that the bull was a messenger from the gods who would agree to bow before the lion on condition that he was not harmed. They told the bull that he must apologise to the king for disturbing them. They thought that in this way, they would keep both the lion and the bull in their power, and thus keep their comfortable life as the king’s trusted ministers.

Question 9: In what way jackals end up fooling themselves?

Answer: In the end, the jackal’s tricks harmed them. By telling lies to the king and the bull, they had hoped to keep both creatures in their power. Instead, the bull and the lion became great friends and the king soon forgot about his ministers and they lost their power anyway. By trying to be too clever, they ended up being fooled themselves.

Question 10: Fill in the blanks:

Jung was the king of the jungle. Jung was a big, handsome lion with a golden mane and fiery eyes. His ministers were two jackals. They were Chalu and Golu. The jackals were very cunning. They found that 4 the animal that had frightened their king was a bull. The jackals wanted to keep the lion scared of the bull, and the bull afraid of the lion. In the end, the jackals realised that those who try to act too clever and fool others, end up being fooled themselves.

So, these were The Trick That Did Not Work Questions & Answers.

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