The Prodigal Son Questions & Answers

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The Prodigal Son Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Prodigal – wasteful
  • Worthy – deserving
  • Splendid – excellent
  • Moneylender – people who lend money on interest
  • Wage – salary
  • Ragged – old & torn
  • Bitter – here, full of anger
  • Rejoice – show great joy

Question 1: Number these sentences in correct order:


…5…Spending so freely, his gold was soon gone.
…7…One day, he thought of his father who loved him.
…2…He gave half of his money to his younger son.
…1…A rich farmer had two sons.
…3…The younger son said goodbye to his father and brother.
…4…In a foreign country, he spent his gold on clothes and presents.
…6…Unhappy, he tried to earn money to buy food.
…9…The father was overjoyed to see his son.
…8…The young man set off for home.
…10…He organized a feast to celebrate his son’s return.

Question 2: Write True or False:

(a) The man had four sons – False
(b) There came a terrible famine throughout the country – True
(c) The younger son repented – True
(d) The father did not welcome his son when he came back – False
(e) The elder son was angry with his father for welcoming the younger son – True
(f) In the end, the elder son also agreed with his father – True

Question 3: Why did the man divide his wealth between his two sons?

Answer: The man divided his wealth between his two sons because his younger son demanded early division of property.

Question 4: What did the younger son ask his father to give him? Why?

Answer: The younger son asked his father to give him half of everything he owned, which would anyway become his when the father died, so that he could go off and have a good time.

Question 5: How did father respond and why?

Answer: The father who loved his sons and did not like to see them unhappy responded by counting half his money and giving it to the son.

The Prodigal Son Questions & Answers

Question 6: What did the younger son do with all the riches?

Answer: The younger son spent all the money. After travelling for many months, he reached a foreign country where he bought a large, splendid house. He also spent on clothes for himself and lavish presents, feasts and parties for his friends. In this way, within two years he had finished all the money.

Question 7: Why did the younger son hire himself to someone?

Answer: The younger son hired himself to someone because he finished all his money within two years.

Question 8: What did the younger son decide to tell his father?

Answer: The younger son decided to tell his father that he no longer deserved to be his son. He also decided to tell his father to treat him as one of his servants so that he would work for him.

Question 9: What did the father do when his son returned?

Answer: When the younger son returned, the father ran to embrace him and ordered his servants to bring him fine clothes and shoes. He also decided to hold a feast to celebrate his return.

Question 10: What did the elder son get angry with his father after his brother came home?

Answer: The elder son got angry when his brother returned because he felt angry and jealous that although he had worked faithfully for his father the father had never even given him a goat to have a party with his friends. But the younger brother who had left and wasted his money was being honoured with a feast.

Question 11: Why did the elder son change his mind?

Answer: He changed his mind because of his father’s words. His father explained that he loved the elder son who was a good son and had never feared losing him. But the younger son had been lost, and in his return the elder brother had regained a brother and the father had regained a son. They should forgive his foolishness and welcome him back.

So, these were The Prodigal Son Questions & Answers.

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