The Two Kings Questions & Answers

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The Two Kings Questions & Answers

Question 1: What did King Mallika doubt about himself?

Answer: The King was doubtful whether he really was as good King as people say he was.

Question 2: What qualities did the Minister say the king had?

Answer: The Minister explained that the King was gentle, generous, kind and just.

Question 3: Why did the king go to the countryside?

Answer: The king went to the countryside because he didn’t get the satisfied answer from his Minister and his subjects. He thought he would go to countryside as people there didn’t recognise him so, he would get the satisfied answers.

Question 4: What did King Mallika’s mahout see when he was about to cross the bridge?

Answer: When the King Mallika’s mahout was about to cross the bridge, he saw another royal elephant coming from the other side.

Question 5: What was the other king’s name? What kingdom did he rule?

Answer: The other King’s name was Brahmadatta. He ruled on Varanasi.

Question 6: What was the practice in those days?

Answer: In those days, it was a practice that the man of lower status should give the right way to his superior.

Question 7: What were the similarities between the two kings?

Answer: The similarities between the two kings was that both the kings were of the same age and both their kingdoms were of the same size.

Question 8: What was one virtuous quality that King Brahmadatta possessed but King Mallika did not?

Answer: The King Mallika pays evil for evil and good for good. But the king Brahmadatta repays good for evil and he even does good to those who do him harm. This was one virtuous quality that Brahmadatta possessed.

Question 9: Read the lines from the play and answer the questions.

1. What would you say is my greatest fault?

(a) Who is the speaker?

Answer: The King Mallikais the speaker.

(b) What reply did he get?

Answer: The reply he got was that he had no faults, and he rules wisely and well.

2. My master pays evil for evil and good for good.

(a) Who is the speaker?

Answer: Mahout 1 is the speaker.

(b) Who is ‘my master’?

Answer: The King Mallika, King of Kosala is ‘my master’.

3. That is something I would like to hear too.

(a) Who is the speaker?

Answer: The King Mallika is the speaker.

(b) What does he want to hear?

Answer: He wants to hear the virtues of Brahmadatta, the King of Varanasi.

So, these were the Questions & Answers.

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