The Clever Robin Questions & Answers

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The Clever Robin Questions & Answers

Question 1: Fill in the blanks:

(a) Hilda was a pretty young hen.
(b) Willy was a cunning fox.
(c) Velma was the lazy wife of the fox.
(d) Ronnie was a clever robin.
(e) The fox left the house with a big sack.
(f) The fox ran after the robin.
(g) The hen filled the sack with stones.

Question 2: Where did the hen live?

Answer: The hen lived in a small house near the river.

Question 3: Where did the hen go? Why?

Answer: The hen went to the market to buy some grains.

Question 4: How did the fox catch the hen?

Answer: The fox behind the tree. When the hen passed by this tree. the fox caught her and put her in the sack.

Question 5: Who saved the hen? How?

Answer: The clever robin on one leg and led the fox away from the tree. The hen slowly came out of the sack ran away.

Question 6: What happened when Willy the reached home?

Answer: After reaching home, Willy and Velma tried to empty the sack in the boiling water. Storrs fell in the hot water. The hot water splashed all around and on their body.

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