The Unicorn Questions & Answers

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The Unicorn Questions & Answers

Question 1: Describe the earth when it was in its nascent stage a long time ago.

Answer: A long time ago when the earth was in its nascent stage there were more kinds of animals than we are able to see today. They ran around freely. The loveliest animal was the Unicorn. 

Question 2: How did Noah obey God?

Answer: Noah obeyed God by building the Ark. He finished it just as the rain started falling. He marched the animals two by two into Ark. He called out their names to God as they went through.

Question 3: Which animals were sheltering in the Ark? Why could Noah not wait for the Unicorns to enter the Ark?

Answer: Green alligators, long-necked geese, humpty-backed camels, chimpanzees, cats, rats, and elephants were sheltering in the Ark. Noah had to close the doors because it was pouring so he could not wait for the Unicorns. 

Question 4: What happened to the unicorns in the end?

Answer: When the Ark started drifting with the tide, the Unicorns looked up from the rock they were playing on and cried. But the waters came down and floated them away.

Question 5: How was the Earth in the beginning? How did it become flooded?

Answer: In the beginning, the earth was green and full of animals. The Unicorn was more beautiful than any other animal. While God was making the Earth, the animals ran around free. But God saw that everyone was sinning all the time, so he decided to flood the Earth. Noah was called upon by God, and God told him to build an ark, and put two animals of each kind on it. 

Question 6: Why do we not see unicorns today?

Answer: Just as the rain began to fall, Noah finished the ark, and marched in the animals two by two, and called to God counting them off. The only animals he didn’t see were the unicorns. As Noah looked out into the misty morn, he saw the unicorns kicking and splashing around, so he had to leave without them. The ark sailed off, the unicorns floated away, and that’s why we never see a unicorn to this day.

So, these were The Unicorn Questions & Answers.

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