The Way To School Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share The Way To School Questions & Answers.

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The Way To School Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • come over – here, come to stay
  • begged – requested
  • birdbrains – silly, a word used to tease someone
  • hoarding – a large board to display advertisements
  • vintage cars – very old famous cars
  • wailed – here, spoke in a loud

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

(a) Mini and Vijay were excited because________.

i. Uncle Anand was going to look after them
ii. their parents were away
iii. they were going to school

(b) They liked Uncle Anand because he________.

i. would drive them to school
ii. thought of exciting things to do
iii. was a film director

(c) Mini was upset at the idea of missing school because she________.

i. did not want to go for a car rally
ii. had to play a football match
iii. had a test that day

(d) Uncle Anand questioned the children’s directions because he________.

i. did not like to take directions
ii. thought they were going the wrong way
iii. was not a confident driver

Question 2: Number these sentences in correct order.

…1…The children were excited because Uncle Anand had come to stay with them.
…5…Uncle Anand offered to take them to see the vintage cars at India Gate.
…4…The children missed the school bus.
…3…Vijay said that he hoped Uncle Anand would take them to see a football match.
…2…Mini and Vijay’s parents had gone out of town.

Question 3: What was uncle Anand’s plan?

Answer: Uncle Anand offered to take the children to see the vintage cars at India Gate.

Question 4: Where did uncle Anand take the children the last time, he stayed with them?

Answer: The last time he took the children to see the shooting of a film that his friend was making.

Question 5: Why where the children upset when they missed the school bus?

Answer: The children were upset because Vijay had a football match and Mini had a test.

Question 6: What kind of a person was Uncle Anand? Give reasons for your answer

Answer: Uncle Anand was a fun-loving person. He always thought of exciting things. He loved the children. Unlike other adults, he was not disturbed that the children had missed the bus.

So, these were The Way To School Questions & Answers.

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