The Weeping Princess – II Questions & Answers

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The Weeping Princess – II Questions & Answers

Question 1: What did Asim do when he went to his room?

Answer: Asim began to sort out his stamps when he went to his room. Asim emptied the stamps on to the floor and then sorted them into small piles. He put the stamps into envelopes according to which country they had come from.

Question 2: Did Asim find any stamps from China?

Answer: Yes, Asim found some stamps from China.

Question 3: What did Asim write on each envelope?

Answer: He wrote the name of a country on each envelope and put stamps from that country in it.

Question 4: What advice did Asim’s father give Asim?

Answer: Asim’s father advised him to soak the stamps that were stuck to envelopes in water so that they came off easily and did not get damaged.

Question 5: How many stamps were there on each page of the album?

Answer: On some pages of the album there were nine or ten stamps; on other pages there were only two or three stamps. They were arranged in sets.

Question 6: What was written on each page of the album?

Answer: On each page, at the bottom, in very neat writing, there was something written about the stamps.

Question 7: Who do you think Michael Davidson was?

Answer: Michael Davidson was Uncle Mike.

Question 8: Where and what is Toronto?

Answer: Toronto is a big city in Canada. Pupils can find more information.

Question 9: What did Asim do when he found the ‘Weeping Princess’?

Answer: When Asim found the ‘Weeping Princess’, he leapt into the air, shouting.

Question 10: What make of car did Uncle Mike have?

Answer: Uncle Mike’s car was an old Austin.

Question 11: Why did Asim continue working with the stamps even though the rain had stopped? Give reasons for your answer.

Answer: Asim continued working with the stamps even though the rain had stopped because he was very interested in them. He does not feel like playing football anymore and thinks that the ground would still be wet from the rain. However, these seem more like excuses; he is more interested in the stamps and the possibility of finding the ‘Weeping Princess’.

Question 12: Read the line and answer the questions:

‘Don’t pull them off, but leave them to soak in some water. Then they will come off easily and won’t be damaged.’

(a) Who was giving this advice and to whom?

Answer: Asim’s father was giving the advice to Asim.

(b) Why was the speaker giving this advice?

Answer: The stamps were stuck on to envelopes, and if they were not treated with care, they would be damaged.

(c) What happened after this?

Answer: After this, and after lunch, Asim went back to his room and went through the pages of his stamp album.

So, these were The Weeping Princess – II Questions & Answers.

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