The Thousand-Rupee Note Questions & Answers

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The Thousand-Rupee Note Questions & Answers

Question 1: Why did the man shake his wife gently?

Answer: The man shook his wife gently to wake her up (but not frighten her).

Question 2: Did the lady get up immediately?

Answer: No, she did not get up immediately.

Question 3: What kinds of containers were being carried on the bus?

Answer: Bags, baskets, sacks, boxes, and trunks were being carried on the bus.

Question 4: Where did the lady sit?

Answer: The lady sat on the edge of a seat, next to a heavy woman.

Question 5: Why did the bust stop suddenly?

Answer: The bus stopped suddenly because a large box had fallen off the roof of the bus.

Question 6: Why did the lady open the woman’s bag?

Answer: The lady opened the woman’s bag because she thought the woman had taken her money.

Question 7: Who helped the lady?

Answer: A young boy helped the lady.

Question 8: Why did the woman look so upset?

Answer: The woman looked upset because she had lost a thousand rupees.

Question 9: Why did the man scratch his head and look puzzled?

Answer: The man scratched his head and looked puzzled because he knew his wife had left the thousand-rupee note at home. He wondered where she had got the money to buy so many things.

Question 10: Fill in the blanks with suitable words from the story.

(a) ‘I shall have to hurry or I will miss the bus.
(b) He shook her gently to wake her up.
(c) Because she was in a hurry, she grabbed her bag and left.
(d) To her shock and dismay the purse was empty.
(e) The lady stopped to look at the people and the traffic.
(f) Luckily, the lady was early and found a seat.

Question 11: Read the line and answer the questions:

She felt sorry for her, but she also felt very cross. She decided not to make a big fuss or call for the police.

(a) Who felt sorry for whom? Why?

Answer: The lady felt sorry for the woman on the bus. She felt sorry for her because the woman had dirty bag and clothes which were old and torn. The woman was obviously not rich.

(b) Why was she also cross?

Answer: She was cross because she thought the woman had taken her money.

(c) What did she decide to do instead of calling the police?

Answer: She decided instead to open the woman’s bag and take back (what she thought was) her money.

So, these were The Thousand-Rupee Note Questions & Answers.

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