The Wise Villagers Questions & Answers

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The Wise Villagers Questions & Answers

Question 1: Did the villagers have any enemies?

Answer: The villagers were happy and wealthy; they had no enemies and lived peacefully. They troubled no one and no one troubled them.

Question 2: Where was the new road going to be built?

Answer: The new road would go through some of the villager’s best fields, and the fields would be destroyed.

Question 3: What were the men doing with the rope and the cup?

Answer: The villagers were taking water out of the river with a rope and a cup.

Question 4: What were the villagers doing with penknives?

Answer: The villagers were cutting down trees with penknives.

Question 5: What were the villagers doing with the ants?

Answer: The villagers were carrying the ants, one by one, in a basket out of the village.

Question 6: What answer did the villagers always give to the townsfolk about the methods?

Answer: The villagers said that their methods were slow, but that they always worked.

Question 7: Do you think the villagers were clever or stupid? Give reasons for your answer.

Answer: The villagers were clever. They gave the impression they were mad, by doing things in a strange way, and this led the townsfolk to believe that a road going past this village would not be such a good idea.

Question 8: Some of the following sentences are true and some are false. Copy the true sentences into your notebook. Can you make the false sentences into true sentences?

(a) The men were cutting the tree with penknives – True

(b) The tree was two metres tall – False
Correct Sentence – The trunk was two metres wide.

(c) By the side of the anthill was a long line of men – False
Correct Sentence – By the side of the anthill was a long line of women.

(d) The chief clerk said the villagers were dangerous – True

(e) The District Officer did not want to change the plan – false
Correct Sentence – The District Officer changed the plan.

(f) The villagers were mad – False
Correct Sentence – The villagers were wise.

Question 9: Read the line and answer the questions:

The villagers were very angry. They sat in the meeting for three whole days, but at last they thought up a plan.

(a) Why were the villagers angry?

Answer: They were angry because a road was going to be built through some of their best fields close to the village.

(b) What did they talk about at the meeting?

Answer: They talked about what they were going to do to stop the road from being built.

(c) What was their plan?

Answer: Their plan was to act as if they were all crazy, and they then did some strange things – taking out water from the river with a cup, cutting trees with penknives, and carrying away ants one at a time.

(d) Did their plan work?

Answer: Yes, it did.

So, these were The Wise Villagers Questions & Answers.

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