The Ambassador’s Disguise Questions & Answers

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The Ambassador’s Disguise Questions & Answers

Question 1: What were the Russian nobles boasting about?

Answer: The Russian nobles were boasting of their strength, fame, wisdom, wealth, trusted horses, and themselves.

Question 2: Why was the prince angry with Stavr?

Answer: The prince was angry with Stavr for saying that he (the prince) was no match for his wife, Katrina.

Question 3: Who did Katrina take with her to Kiev?

Answer: Katrina took a band of thirty archers, thirty chessmasters, and thirty musicians with her to Kiev.

Question 4: What did the Greek ambassador want from the prince?

Answer: The Greek ambassador wanted the prince to pay tribute, failing which he was to agree to let the ambassador marry his niece, Zabava.

Question 5: Why did the prince think that Katrina was a man?

Answer: The prince thought that Katrina was a man because of the clothes (armour) she was wearing, and because she behaved like a man.

Question 6: Who was Zabava? Why did she refuse to marry the Greek ambassador?

Answer: Zabava was the niece of Prince Vladimir. She refused to marry the Greek ambassador because she thought he was not a man at all but a woman.

Question 7: How did Katrina get Stavr out of the dungeon?

Answer: Katrina got Stavr out of the dungeon by challenging the prince to a fight. The prince was frightened to fight, but when Katrina asked if there was no brave warrior in the dungeons to fight her, the prince remembered Stavr Godinovich, and had him brought out of the dungeon.

Question 8: How do you think each of the following characters feel at the end of the story? Give reasons for your answers.

(a) Katerina and Stavr Godinovich

Answer: Feel proud and relieved. Proud because Katrina had proved her talents, relieved because Stavr was finally free.

(b) Zabava

Answer: Zabava must have felt relieved and happy. Relieved because she did not have to marry against her will. Happy because she was proven correct. The Greek ambassador was indeed a woman.

(c) Prince Vladimir

Answer: Prince Vladimir must felt embarrassed and humiliated. Embarrassed because he was fooled by Katrina. Humiliated because he indeed was no match for Katrina.

Question 9: Who do you think said or would have said the following:

(a) I wish I hadn’t boasted about her – Stavr Godinovich
(b) I will ride to the palace alone – Katrina
(c) I wonder who this great warrior is – The prince (and all the people of the kingdom)
(d) Now I can get rid of Stavr – Prince Vladimir
(e) I knew she would save me – Stavr Godinovich

Question 10: Read the line and answer the questions:

‘You have gone too far this time.’

(a) Who said these words and to whom were they said?

Answer: Prince Vladimir said these words to Stavr Godinovich.

(b) In what way had the person ‘gone too far’?

Answer: Stavr had told the prince that he (the prince) was no match for his wife, Katrina.

(c) What happened to the person who had ‘gone too far’?

Answer: The prince ordered one of his guards to take Stavr away, throw him into the dungeon, and give him nothing to eat and drink except oats and water.

So, these were The Ambassador’s Disguise Questions & Answers.

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