Variety Entertainment Questions & Answers

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Variety Entertainment Questions & Answers

Question 1: Why did Mr Khan call the class together?

Answer: Mr Khan called the class together to make an announcement about a forthcoming variety entertainment.

Question 2: What news did the children think he was going to give them?

Answer: The children thought that he was going to scold the class.

Question 3: How did Mr Khan look at Ali? Why?

Answer: Mr Khan stared at Ali with a look that could kill because he was cross with Ali for interrupting.

Question 4: Who came to see the variety entertainment?

Answer: Pupils from other classes, members of staff, parents, and guests came to see the variety entertainment.

Question 5: What did Ali announce to the audience?

Answer: Ali announced to the audience that he was going to make his dog disappear.

Question 6: Why did Smokey leap out of Ali’s arms?

Answer: Smokey leapt out of Ali’s arms to go after the biscuits kept under the table.

Question 7: What did the audience think of Ali’s trick in the end?

Answer: The audience thought Ali’s trick was wonderful.

Question 8: Did Ali’s classmates know how the trick was done?

Answer: Ali’s classmates did not know how the trick was done, until he told them the following day.

Question 9: Did the audience like the show? How do we know that?

Answer: The audience liked the show because they clapped and cheered loudly.

Question 10: Make a list of Ali’s classmates mentioned in the story. Against each name, write down what act they performed in the variety entertainment.


  • Sadia – dance
  • Maham and Hania – did a mime
  • Yasir, Feroz, and Anjum – sang a pop song
  • Daniyal – read a poem
  • Moin, Atif, and Sara – performed a shadow play;
  • Ali – magic show.

Question 11: Read the line and answer the questions:

Everyone clapped as he walked on to the stage, wearing a green robe and a tall, pointed hat painted with stars and crescent moons.

(a) Who was dressed like this?

Answer: Ali was dressed like this.

(b) Why was he dressed like this?

Answer: He was performing on stage, at the variety entertainment, as a magician.

(c) What was he going to do?

Answer: He was going to make his dog, Smokey, disappear.

So, these were the Questions & Answers.

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