Anansi and Five Questions & Answers

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Anansi and Five Questions & Answers

Question 1: What was the witch’s name and why didn’t she like it?

Answer: The witch’s name was Five. She did not like it because all through her life people had laughed or looked surprised when they heard that was her name.

Question 2: What was the witch doing in her garden?

Answer: The witch was stirring her big cooking pot and saying a spell in her garden.

Question 3: Why was Anansi pleased?

Answer: Anansi was pleased because he heard the witch and he thought he would be able to use her spell to make some money or get some food.

Question 4: What was the first animal that Anansi tricked?

Answer: The first animal that Anansi tricked was Mrs Rabbit.

Question 5: Which animals were not fooled by Anansi?

Answer: Miss Frog and Mrs Shrew were not fooled by Anansi.

Question 6: What things could you buy in the market?

Answer: At the market you could buy yams, beets, pulses, grains, sweet potato, pies, and mouth-watering delicacies. Pupils may find some or all of the items listed.

Question 7: Why was Mrs Shrew going to the market and what was she going to do there?

Answer: Mrs Shrew was going to the market to try to sell the pies she had made. She wanted to buy some mouth-watering delicacies for her family at the market.

Question 8: Why did Anansi get angry with Mrs Shrew?

Answer: Anansi got angry with Mrs Shrew because she would not say the number 5.

Question 9: How many characters are there in the story? Make a list.

Answer: There are six characters in the story: the witch, Anansi, Mrs Rabbit, Mr Duck, Miss Frog, and Mrs Shrew. The families of Mrs Shrew and Anansi are also mentioned.

Question 10: What clues are there in the story which tell us that Anansi was not a nice spider?

Answer: The range of clues which tell us that Anansi was not a nice spider are: he is a trickster; he scowls; his first thoughts upon hearing the witch are that he can use it to his advantage; he is dishonest; he tricks nice characters; he does not share his food; he does not think about his family, and he gets angry when things do not go the way he wants them to.

Question 11: Fill in the blanks:

(a) Anansi was a trickster and he was having a difficult time.
(b) Anansi peeked through a gap in the witch’s fence.
(c) He imagined what delicious foods he would find.
(d) A scurrying sound pulled Anansi from his day dream.
(e) She walked to the nearest mound and stood on it.
(f) Anansi grinned and showed all his sharp teeth.

Question 12: Read the line and answer the questions:

‘1. 2. 3. 4, and this one that I am sitting on.’

(a) Who says these words?

Answer: Mrs Shrew says these words.

(b) What is the speaker counting?

Answer: The speaker is counting mounds of earth.

(c) Why does the speaker say, ‘and this one that I am sitting on’?

Answer: Mrs Shrew avoids saying the number 5. She was not a fool; she guesses that Anansi is trying to trick her; she knows he wants her to say all the numbers, so she does not do it.

(d) What happens after this?

Answer: Anansi gets so cross that he says the number and disappears.

So, these were Anansi and Five Questions & Answers.

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