A Glass of Milk Questions & Answers

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A Glass of Milk Questions & Answers

Question 1: Fill in the blanks:

1. Boy decided to ask for food at a house.
2. The young girl understood boy’s hunger through his eyes.
3. The young girl offered boy milk in a huge glass.
4. The woman was taken to a big hospital.
5. Dr. Kevin battled hardly with the disease for weeks and months.

Question 2: Why the young girl offered a glass of milk to the boy?

Answer: The young girl understood the boy’s hunger through his eyes and offered him milk in a huge glass.

Question 3: Why the young girl taken to a big hospital?

Answer: Once the young girl fell seriously ill. Many doctors were trying to cure her but all in vain. Then she was taken to a big hospital.

Question 4: Why there were tears in Dr. Kevin’s eyes?

Answer: Dr Kevin gave a visit to the hospital where the young woman was admitted. As he entered her room, he immediately recognised that woman. The woman was that young girl who gave him a glass of milk years ago when he was very hungry.

Question 5: What was written on the cancelled bill?

Answer: On the cancelled bill, it was written thatBill paid many years ago with a glass of milk!”

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