Pippi Longstocking Questions & Answers

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Pippi Longstocking Questions & Answers

Question 1: What was the name of Pippi’s house?

Answer: The name of Pippi’s house was Villa Villekulla.

Question 2: What were Tommy and Annika thinking while standing by their gate?

Answer: While Tommy and Annika were standing by the gate they were thinking about: what they should do; whether anything exciting was likely to happen, or whether it was going to be one of those dull days when they couldn’t think of anything to play.

Question 3: What was unusual about how Pippi went on her morning walk?

Answer: The unusual thing about Pippi’s morning walk was that she walked with one foot in the gutter and one foot on the sidewalk/pavement. On the way back, she walked backwards.

Question 4: Which three countries did Pippi say she has been to?

Answer: Three places mentioned are the Congo, Egypt, and South America.

Question 5: Where were Pippi’s parents?

Answer: Pippi’s mother was dead and her father was on a cannibal island.

Question 6: What did Annika say to Pippi about lying?

Answer: Annika told Pippi that it is wicked to lie.

Question 7: What did Tommy realize while he was speaking to Pippi?

Answer: While he was speaking to Pippi, Tommy realised that he was not going to have one of those dull days. Meeting Pippi was something new and exciting in his life.

Question 8: What was the name of Pippi’s pet monkey?

Answer: Pippi’s pet monkey’s name is Mr Nilsson.

Question 9: How do we know that the pet monkey was polite?

Answer: We know that the pet monkey was polite because he takes off his hat and bows politely.

Question 10: What details from the story show us that Pippi is a remarkable child?

Answer: Pippi’s dress is unusual. Her shoes are twice as long as her feet. She walks with one foot on the sidewall and one in the gutter. She also walks backwards. She talks about strange places and strange people. She keeps a monkey as a pet.

Question 11: How many lies do you think Pippi tells in this extract?

Answer: Pippi tells eight lies. She says that people in Egypt walk backwards. She says that people in Farthest Asia walk on their hands. She says that people in Congo lies all day long. She says that her father is the king of a Cannibal Island. She says that she had sailed on ocean all her life and been all over the world. She also lies about being to Egypt, Farthest Asia and Congo.

Question 12: Write True or False:

(a) Tommy and Annika lived next door to Pippi – True
(b) The monkey was wearing an orange tied – False
(c) Pippi’s shoes were too small – False
(d) Tommy was very shy – False
(e) Pippi walked home backwards – True
(f) Pippi invited Tommy and Annika to breakfast – True

Question 13: Read this line and then answer the questions:

We can be friends anyway, can’t we?

(a) Who said this?

Answer: Pippi said this.

(b) Who replies and what do they say?

Answer: Tommy replies, saying ‘Oh, sure.’

(c) Why was the speaker worried that they might not be friends?

Answer: Annika had said it was wicked to lie so perhaps Pippi thought they would not want to be friends with her. Pupils may have other explanations; accept them if they are plausible.

So, these were Pippi Longstocking Questions & Answers.

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