Too Many Doctors Questions & Answers

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Too Many Doctors Questions & Answers

Question 1: What do the ministers discuss in the court at the start of the play?

Answer: The ministers discuss the arrangements for the upcoming trip to Fatehpur.

Question 2: What are some of the suggestions made by the ministers about the most important profession asked by the king?

Answer: The ministers suggest that farmers, soldiers, servants, traders, tailors, and doctors have the most popular profession.

Question 3: Why does the chief physician get cross?

Answer: The chief physician is cross because Birbal believed medicine was the most common profession, whereas, according to the chief physician, it is not easy to become a doctor.

Question 4: Read this line and then answer the questions:

1. My beard is fine, your Majesty. I trim it myself.

(a) Who says these words and when?

Answer: Birbal, when Akbar asks him if he is ready for the trip, and Birbal pretends to mistakenly assume he’s being asked about his beard.

(b) Does Birbal not understand the question he is asked?

Answer: Yes, he does, he only pretends to misunderstand in order to elicit a few laughs and playfully mock Akbar.

(c) What reply does Birbal get to this statement?

Answer: Akbar laughs and clarifies that he was actually asking whether Birbal was ready for the forthcoming trip.

2. Luckily, they won’t know me with my disguise.

(a) Who says these words and when?

Answer: Akbar, to Birbal.

(b) Where is the speaker and what is he doing there?

Answer: In the marketplace, he is disguised in order to check if Birbal’s claim was true.

(c) Why does the speaker say ‘Luckily’?

Answer: He doesn’t want to be recognised since he is right now doing his minister’s job.

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