Haircut Questions & Answers

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Haircut Questions & Answers

Question 1: What was it that people marvelled at about DNP?

Answer: People marvelled at DNP’s name. (Also, the beard he grows when he is an adult is described as marvellous.)

Question 2: Why did DNP grow a beard?

Answer: DNP grew a beard because he thought that people would think more highly of him if he did so.

Question 3: When did DNP decide to have a haircut and why?

Answer: DNP decided to have a haircut after people gave him money because they thought he was a tramp. He realised that his long hair and grey beard looked scruffy (‘crumpled’).

Question 4: What was funny about the name of the barber shop?

Answer: The name of the barber’s shop was funny because it contained a spelling mistake/homophone. A stile is an arrangement of steps that allows people but not animals to climb over a fence. It should say style.

Question 5: What was strange about the way Mr Sami spoke?

Answer: Mr Sami’s way of speaking was strange because he spoke in broken English, using one- or two-word sentences.

Question 6: Who gave DNP a haircut?

Answer: One of the assistant barbers gave DNP a haircut.

Question 7: Why did DNP argue with Mr Sami?

Answer: DNP argued with Mr Sami because he had asked for his beard to be trimmed but the assistant barber had shaved it off.

Question 8: How did the lady at the bus stop make DNP feel happy?

Answer: The lady at the bus stop made DNP feel happy because she called him ‘young man’ when she asked him what time it was.

Question 9: How did various people address DNP and why did they choose to do so in those ways?

Answer: DNP’s teachers and friends called him DNP; his mother called him DN; his sister called him D. All of them shortened his name because it was long and bit of a tongue twister. At the end of the story, the old lady called DNP young man. This was probably because he was clean-shaven and younger than her.

Question 10: How did DNP’s appearance change during his life?

Answer: DNP grew a beard when he became an adult. The beard turned very grey as he grew older then, DNP let his hair grow longer and he started to look a bit like a tramp. After his haircut and shave, DNP looked younger.

Question 11: Read the line and answer the questions:

‘Where did these come from?’ he asked himself, looking bemused.

(a) Who said these words and where?

Answer: DNP said the words after he woke up on the bench in the park.

(b) What is referred to by ‘these’?

Answer: These refers to the coins people had left in his hat.

(c) Why did the speaker look bemused?

Answer: DNP looked bemused because he was confused about how the coins had come to be in his hat because he had been asleep when people had put them in there.

(d) What did the speaker decide to do because of this incident?

Answer: He decided to get a new look/have a haircut.

So, these were Haircut Questions & Answers.

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