Beauty and The Beast – I Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Beauty and The Beast – I Questions & Answers.

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Beauty and The Beast – I Questions & Answers

Question 1: How many characters are in the room at the start of the play? Why?

Answer: There are seven characters in the room at the start of the play. They are the merchant, Jack, Joseph, George, April, June, and Beauty.

Question 2: What work does the merchant do?

Answer: The merchant owns a warehouse. He imports things to sell.

Question 3: Who is the most hard-working of the children?

Answer: Beauty is the most hardworking of the children. She is always busy such as when she is cooking for everyone while they are doing nothing.

Question 4: What is the first misfortune that the family suffers?

Answer: The first misfortune that the family suffers is that the Merchant’s warehouse burns down.

Question 5: What is the second piece of bad news for the family?

Answer: The second piece of bad news for the family is that the ship full of the Merchant’s new goods to sell sinks.

Question 6: Where do the sons and the father go and why?

Answer: The sons and the father go to find some work because there is no work where they are.

Question 7: What do June and April ask the father to bring them?

Answer: June asks her father to bring them new clothes and April asks him to bring them some jewellery.

Question 8: What does Beauty ask her father to bring?

Answer: Beauty asks for her father’s safe return and a rose.

Question 9: What makes the Beast angry?

Answer: The Beast is angry because the Merchant has entered his garden and picked a rose.

Question 10: What was the reaction of the three daughters when they heard the news that the merchant’s goods had been lost at sea? What does this tell us about them?

Answer: April and June were concerned about the jewels and dresses they would not be able to have whereas Beauty commented that the news was terrible. Jewels and new dresses are not essential items; the more serious issue was that their father’s business was ruined. This tells us that April and June are selfish—they only thought about how it affected them. Beauty seemed more concerned about her father which tells us that she is a caring person.

Question 11: What In what ways is Beauty a good person?

Answer: Beauty is a good person because she is kind, helpful and thinks of others. For example, she made her father some tea because he looked weary. She also asked for something simple, a rose. Also, her brother, Jack, defends her when her sisters are being unkind.

Question 12: Which of these statements are true?

a. The merchant had three daughters and three sons – True
b. The merchant stored only vegetables and fruits in his warehouse – False
c. Beauty made tea for her father because he was thirsty – False
d. Jack agreed to go with his father – False
e. The merchant and his son found a castle in the forest – True

Question 13: Read the line and answer the questions:

Yes, yes. If I return and if I have some money

(a) Who speaks these words and to whom?

Answer: The Merchant says these words to April and June.

(b) Where is the speaker planning to go and why?

Answer: He is planning to go away to find some work. There is no work available where they are.

(c) What is the speaker promising to do?

Answer: He promises to bring April and June new jewellery and new clothes.

(d) What does the speaker say after this and to whom does he address his words?

Answer: The speaker says, ‘And what about you, Beauty? What would you like me to bring you?’ next. He addresses his words to Beauty.

Question 14: Do you think June and April are hardworking? Give reason for your answer.

Answer: June and April are not hardworking: they go last when the family leaves to put out the fire; they are described as ‘not being industrious’ at the start of Scene II; they offer to look after the house while their father is away but say that Beauty should stay to look after them which seems to suggest that they will not do much more than boss her about. They only seem to be interested in clothes and jewels.

So, these were Beauty and The Beast – I Questions & Answers.

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