Beauty and The Beast – II Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Beauty and The Beast – II Questions & Answers.

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Beauty and The Beast – II Questions & Answers

Question 1: Where are the merchant and George returning from?

Answer: The merchant and George are returning from the Beast’s castle in the forest.

Question 2: What kind of news does the merchant bring back?

Answer: The merchant brings back good news and bad news.

Question 3: What promise did the merchant make and to whom?

Answer: The merchant made a promise to the Beast that he would send one of his three daughters to him.

Question 4: Who says he will go with Beauty and what for?

Answer: George says he will go with Beauty to keep her safe.

Question 5: What reason does Beauty give for returning home?

Answer: Beauty says that she has returned because the Beast gave her permission to do so. Somehow the Beast had known that the merchant was ill.

Question 6: How does the Beast treat Beauty?

Answer: The Beast treats Beauty well: he is kind and generous to her.

Question 7: Do April and June want their sister to go away soon?

Answer: April and June do not want Beauty to go back (because they want her to look after their father, the house and them).

Question 8: What reason does Beauty give for wanting to return to the castle?

Answer: Beauty says that she wants to return to the castle because she wanted to keep her promise and because she had a dream that the Beast was ill.

Question 9: What does Beauty agree to do when the Beast arrives at her house?

Answer: Beauty agrees to marry the Beast when he arrives at her house.

Question 10: What happens when the Beast becomes transformed?

Answer: When the Beast transforms, he changes into a handsome prince; he marries Beauty and she becomes a princess; her father is happy for them and gives his blessing; they live (happily ever after?) in the castle. We can presume that her sisters will not be too happy about all this. Perhaps they, and the rest of the family, will also benefit from the generosity of the Beast and Beauty.

Question 11: Who said the following?

(a) ‘And it smells so sweet’ – Beauty
(b) ‘Who on earth is he?’ – Jack
(c) ‘Is he kind to you?’ – The merchant
(d) ‘He didn’t harm you, did he?’ – Joseph
(e) ‘And mine!’ – June
(f) ‘I am dying because of my love for you!’ – The Beast
(g) ‘Shall I clear your plates away now?’ – Beauty

Question 12: Who might have said the following?

a. ‘Hurry up with that cleaning.’ – April or June
b. ‘He was frightening to look at.’ – The merchant
c. ‘He treated me with kindness and love.’ – Beauty
d. ‘You are all invited to the wedding.’ – Beauty and/or the Beast

Question 13: Does the behaviour of April and June improve in the later parts of the play? Give examples with your answer.

Answer: No, the behaviour of April and June does not improve in the later parts of the play. Some suggestions: When their father returns, they rudely say that they hope he did not bring them roses. They are quick to encourage Beauty to go to the Beast, even though it may be dangerous. They are selfish when they say that they will use the treasure for themselves. Their comments about Beauty’s dress perhaps indicate jealousy. They want Beauty to stay so that she can look after the father because they do not want to.

Question 14: Read the line and answer the questions:

At last! My wish has come true!

(a) Who is speaking to whom?

Answer: The merchant is speaking to Beauty.

(b) Why does the speaker say: ‘At last!’?

Answer: Beauty has been away for over two months. Her father is worried about her.

(c) What was the wish?

Answer: The merchant’s wish was that the beast would allow Beauty to come home for a day or two before he died.

(d) What effect does the wish coming true have on the speaker?

Answer: The wish coming true brings new life into the merchant’s old body; he feels much better.

So, these were Beauty and The Beast – II Questions & Answers.

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