The Winter’s Tale Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share a few important The Winter’s Tale Questions & Answers.

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The Winter’s Tale Questions & Answers

Question 1: Why did Paulina take the new born baby to King Leontes?

Answer: Paulina had taken the newborn baby to King Leontes, in the hope that the sight of the child would change his attitude towards the queen.

Question 2: Why did Camillo and Polixenes flee to Bohemia?

Answer: Camillo had been ordered by Leontes to poison Polixenes. But Camillo was caught between his loyalty to the king and his conscience. Ultimately, he told Polixenes about the plot against him. Hence, Camillo and Polixenes decided to flee to Bohemia.

Question 3: What suggestion did Camillo give Florizel and Perdita? What did Camillo gain from it?

Answer: Camillo suggested Florizel and Perdita to go to Sicily. Camillo felt that Leontes would welcome the son of his long-separated friend. Camillo got to return to Sicily after a long time. In the end, he marries Paulina and finds happiness.

Question 4: What caused Leontes to repent his actions?

Answer: The oracle had proclaimed- ‘Hermione is innocent, Polixenes blameless and Leontes will live without an heir, if that which is lost be not found.’ It was then Leontes learnt that both his son and his queen had died of grief. Leontes, at last, realized the folly of his actions and thus, repented his actions.

So, these were some important The Winter’s Tale Questions & Answers.

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