My Shadow Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share My Shadow Questions & Answers.

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My Shadow Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Shoot up – to jump up very fast
  • Hasn’t got a notion – has no idea
  • Make a fool of someone – to trick someone
  • Coward – someone who becomes scared easily
  • Buttercup – name of a yellow flower
  • Arrant – total or absolute
  • Sleepy-head – someone who loves to sleep

Question 1: Read the lines and answer the following questions:

“I have a little shadow……………………………… when I jump into my bed.” (Please refer to stanza – 1 of the poem)

(a)Where does the shadow go and with whom?

Answer: The shadow goes in and out with the poet or person in the poem.

(b) What happens when the poet jumps on the bed?

Answer: When the poet jumps on the bed, he sees the shadow jump before him.

(c) Does the poet think the shadow is important?

Answer: No, he does not see of what use the shadow is.

Question 2: Read the lines and answer the following questions:

“The funniest thing about him………………………..none of him at all.”

(Please refer to stanza – 2 of the poem)

(a) What is the funniest thing about the shadow?

Answer: The funniest thing about the shadow is the way he grows.

(b) When the shadow shoots up tall, what is it like?

Answer: When the shadow shoots up tall it is like an Indian rubber ball that bounces high.

(c) When the shadow is small, what is it like?

Answer: When the shadow is small, there is nothing of him at all.

My Shadow Questions & Answers

Question 3: Read the lines and answer the following questions:

He hasn’t got a notion………………………….that shadow sticks to me!

(a) Does the shadow know how children ought to play?

Answer: No, the shadow does not have a notion or idea.

(b) Who does the shadow stick close to and seem like?

Answer: The shadow stays so close to the little boy that he seems like a coward.

(c) How would the little boy in the poem feel about sticking close to his nurse the way his shadow does?

Answer: He would feel ashamed.

Question 4: How does the little boy in the poem feel about his shadow?

Answer: The little boy is curious to know about his shadow and is confused about its funny ways. He is also amused by its strange behavior.

Question 5: What makes a shadow? Do shadows change?

Answer: Shadows are formed when light cannot pass through an object. They are created on the side of the object opposite to the light source. Shadows change size according to the position of the light source. The position of the light affects the direction of the shadow.

Question 6: Why does the poet call the shadow, a coward?

Answer: The poet calls the shadow, a coward because he always stays beside him as if he is afraid of facing difficult situations alone. 

Question 7: What was the real reason for the shadow not going with the little boy in the morning?

Answer: The boy had left too early in the morning, even before the sun rose. Hence there was no shadow seen.

My Shadow Questions & Answers

Question 8: Explain the following lines of poem:

(a) “For he sometimes shoots up taller like an india-rubber ball, And he sometimes gets so little that there’s none of him at all.”

Answer: The poet wants to say that his shadow sometimes grows big and bounces like an Indian rubber ball because of the source of the light on him. Sometimes, the shadow is so small that it is not visible at all.

(b) “I’d think shame to stick to nursie as that shadow sticks to me!”

Answer: The poet says that he would be ashamed to stay close to his nursie as his shadow stays close to him.

(c) “But my lazy little shadow like an arrant sleepy-head, He stayed at home behind me and was fast asleep in bed.”

Answer: The poet had risen early and he found that even though he had risen, his shadow, like a sleepy head, lazy and languid, had stayed back in his room. It had not accompanied him, wherever he had gone.

Question 9: Complete the following sentences:

(a) The shadow does not grow like proper children.

(b) The shadow of the poet is very like the poet from his heels up to head.

(c) The poet thinks the shadow is a coward because he stays just close behind him.

(d) The shadow jumps before the poet when he jumps into his bed.

Question 10: What did the poet find on every buttercup and when?

Answer: The poet found shining dew on every buttercup in the early morning before the sun was up.

Question 11: What is the shadow compared to when it shoots up taller? What is the funniest part of the shadow?

Answer: The shadow is compared to the Indian rubber ball when it shoots up taller. The funniest part of the shadow is the way he likes to grow.

Question 12: Why does the poet say that the shadow is not like proper children?

Answer: The poet said that the shadow is not like proper children because it does not grow slowly as proper children do and it sometimes grows too tall like an Indian-rubber ball while sometimes it gets so small that it is not seen at all.

Question 13: Where was the shadow one morning when the poet went out?

Answer: The shadow was lazily sleeping at home in the bed when the poet went out one morning.

Question 14: Choose the correct option:

(a) The poem is about a_______.

i. shadow
ii. boy
iii. sun

(b) When the child jumps into his bed, the______also jumps.

i. friend
ii. shadow
iii. boy

(c) The child compares his shadow with an________.

i. elastic
ii. Indian man
iii. India-rubber ball

So, these were My Shadow Questions & Answers.

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