The Women Painters of Mithila Questions & Answers

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The Women Painters of Mithila Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

1. The earthquake in Mithila caused a great deal of damage but brought to light

i. the need to learn an art form.
ii. the devastation an earthquake can cause.
iii. women power.
iv. talent of its women.

2. William Archer helped Mithila art get recognition by

i. getting it published for wider interest.
ii. becoming a painter himself.
iii. inviting historians and artists.
iv. helping open training schools.

3. The girls of Mithila are encouraged to paint freely because

i. women are the head of the family.
ii. Ganga Devi was a woman.
iii. men cannot paint.
iv. it provides a means of income.

Question 2: In what way did the All India Handicrafts Board work for the cause of the people of Mithila?

Answer: In 1966, when there was a drought in the region, the All India Handicrafts Board sent an artist, Bhaskar Kulkarni, to Mithila to encourage the women to make paintings on paper, that they could sell in order to generate money for their families.

Question 3: How is the region of Mithila conducive to art forms?

Answer: The region of Mithila is conducive to the growth of art forms because it already has an illustrious creative history. The region is said to be the birthplace of Sita and the seat of Vedic learning. The relative isolation and fertile land makes for artistic activity and spiritual pursuits.

Question 4: Ganga Devi is an untrained but an accomplished artist. Do you agree? Give reasons.

Answer: Ganga Devi did not have any formal training in art. Yet she was exceptionally good at her work, perhaps because it was in her blood. She had been brought up with a healthy dose of tradition and inspiration. Like most girls from the region, she too started young with the bare minimum supplies, but her passion helped her hone her artistic skills.

Question 5: What is the difference between Mithila art as it was done earlier and as it is done today?

Answer: Traditionally, Mithila art was done on walls, on papier-mache objects, or on sheets of paper. But today, because of the demand in cities, Mithila paintings are done on clothes, greeting cards and pen stands, which are then sold at craft bazaars.

Question 6: Ganga Devi is a true hero. Despite being uneducated, Ganga Devi helped hundreds of women achieve their dreams. Justify the statement.

Answer: Despite being uneducated, Ganga Devi helped hundreds of women achieve their dreams. During the late 1960s and early 1970s, Ganga Devi was recognized as a great artist. She was invited to Moscow, where she represented India in cultural fairs and exhibitions. Her success and active encouragement led scores of other women to paint. She led the path that helped many other women achieve their dreams.

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