Lob’s Girl Questions & Answers

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Lob’s Girl Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

(a) The Pengelly family had no say in choosing of Lob because

i. he kept coming back to them.
ii. they did not want to adopt him.
iii. the dog did not like his master.
iv. he was a mystery.

(b) The reader realizes that Sandy took an immediate fondness for the dog because

i. she was thrown off guard by him.
ii. she threw the driftwood for him to fetch.
iii. the dog liked the sand off her face.
iv. she worded her like for him.

(c) The story gets a mysterious twist when

i. Lob dies after being hit by a truck.
ii. Sandy recovers after her terrible accident.
iii. Sandy and Lob are hit by the same vehicle.
iv. Lob is dead but is supposed to have visited Sandy.

Question 2: A simile is a literary device that compares two things using the words ‘like’ or ‘as’. The simile ‘like a sand-colored bullet’ is use to describe Lob. In your own words, what does this simile mean?

Answer: The simile ‘like a sand-coloured bullet’ compares Lob the dog to a bullet. ‘San-coloured’ refers to the colour of Lob’s fur. He is like a bullet because he moved fast like a bullet.

Question 3: For both Sandy and Lob it was love at first sight. Give reasons to support your answer.

Answer: We know that it was love at first sight for both Sandy and Lob because they seemed to become instant friends. Though Lob barreled into Sandy, throwing sand into her face and licking her face before she even knew what had happened, Sandy did not seem in the least bit frightened or put off. She said he was beautiful and picked up a piece of driftwood to start a game with him. They became friends from that very first moment.

Lob’s Girl Questions & Answers

Question 4: How does Lob show his devotion to Sandy as he continues to return to her throughout the story?

Answer: Lob showed his devotion to Sandy by finding his way to her house on the first day that they met. After his owner took him back to Liverpool, Lob walked across the country twice to come back to her. After that the dog joined the Pengelly family, and for the next nine years he and Sandy were inseparable. Sandy and Lob were hit by a truck one night. Lob died in the accident and Sandy was in hospital, her survival uncertain. Lob’s final act of devotion was visiting her, as a ghost or spirit, which brought her back to consciousness, before he left for the final time.

Question 5: Describe Sandy’s condition before and after Lob’s visit. What does this reveal about the strength of their bond?

Answer: Before Lob’s visit, Sandy was unconscious and in a very serious condition. We are told that the doctor found her ‘in a queerly crumpled heap’ and had guessed that she had broken many bones. We also learn that ‘they don’t know if she’s likely to live’. It is clear that Sandy’s survival is uncertain. However, when Lob whined in her hospital room, Sandy regained consciousness long enough to call out to him and stroke his head. This suggests that she would recover. As we discover later, Lob had already died in the accident, so the dog that visited her could have only been a ghost or spirit. This reveals that the bond between Lob and Sandy was so great so as to be supernatural.

Question 6: Sandy and Lob developed an inseparable bond. This communicates the message that true loyalty and strong relationships can withstand any circumstances – natural or supernatural. Explain.

Answer: The story of Sandy and Lob is one of a great friendship between a girl and a dog. Though their friendship began with a chance encounter on a beach, the dog overcame enormous odds, twice walking across the country to be with her. After nine years together, when they were in an accident together, Lob died and Sandy was in hospital in a critical condition, her survival uncertain. A visit from Lob’s ghost, or spirit, brought her back to consciousness. This was both a supernatural event, and a supreme act of love from a devoted companion. Thus, the story of Sandy and Lob communicates the message that true loyalty and love go beyond things that can be explained, and can withstand any circumstances, even death.

Question 7: Justify the title of the story.

Answer: To say that someone is ‘someone’s girl’, suggests that they are the love of that person’s life. The title ‘Lob’s Girl’ refers not to romantic love, but a deep love between a girl and a dog, because Sandy was indeed the love of Lob’s life. The bond between them was instant. Lob displayed great devotion to her, making his way to her over and over again, even crossing the country to be with her, until his owner surrendered him to the Pengelly family. Even after death, Lob came back to Sandy in order to help her gain consciousness. He loved her with a deep devotion so powerful that it even transcended death. That is why I feel the title of the story, ‘Lob’s Girl’, is fully justified.

So, these were Lob’s Girl Questions & Answers.

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